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Clouds of the future, in the present day.

Astronomical Lies of Biblical masonic deception,
sleeping world enjoys its enslavement unconsciously,
as though by default.

Majority rules is democracy?
But, the majority insists on immoral high ground
and is anyway
the majority manipulated
toward a certain tyranny.

Terraforming our once beautiful planet
into a controlled
and abberated self criticism, elitism and love of

An envisioned pretense of
coincidental hell on Earth.

Wake up sheeple wake up.
"Nice clear skies...Nothing to see here,
Move along, that's right move along"

Conspiracy Theory,
conspire against
pragmatic research,
hard fought-for, hard won.

Government agencies
working in tandom with
and dictated to,
by age old secret societies.

Owned and controlled
mass media outlets
and social platforms
enforce legitimacy,
perpetuate and smother
the propaganda and the lies
censorship of speech
and even thought..
All freedom dies.

Technocracy surfaces
as authoritarianism deconstructs
any and all opposition,
If you think you've heard
of this before,
sensed it even
you may be right,
you may sense or see
glimpses of truth still.

Does it matter that the weather modification projects
ramped up in earnest
from the late 1990's onwards

employing underground labatories,
added Aluminum, Mercury,
Barium, Strontium and more

are bending, twisting and constructing
new chemical formulae,
for 'we the people'
to inhale?

Is this then,
an almost certain dystopian future
for their children too?

For and within patented
Jet propulsion, Big Oil
global system,

"Nice NORMAL skies, just a figment of the imagination - nothing to see here, move along, move along"

Mass censorship
is sadly all pervasive
to the uninformed
and relative-luxury
smitten blind,

A World view bubble,
Idolatry, Idiocracy
Creates all sorts
of trouble.
Stems from all sorts of
unexplained places,
to the ill informed.

Coupled with government sanctioned vaccinations, impressed upon
an uninformed majority unwitting general public,
recruited by their lowered-IQ peers,
to pass on a sedate
mocking nonchalance.

Destruction under the guise
of Litigation,
The masses unaware
ad infinitum.

Intention is from cause
And vice versa
Actions revealing
what they wish to conceal.

Providing hitherto
unseen nor unfathomable
creeping sickness
by subversion, attrition.

Autism in the young and healthy,
Alsymers in the would be wise
and ageing,
much earlier by design.

Flouridated toothpaste, water and milk
Is it any wonder
that our children's smiles are
not the same as yesteryear
How could they ever be again?

It is not unnoticed if we
care to look around us though,
placating toxic narrative
of fear.

Agenda driven, driving the sane insane
at an insidiously unnatural pace
to an untimely
early demise,
of our own species.
Yet not the one percent
Elite disillusionment being
enforced and branded
upon the rest.

Humanity as we envision it
Entirety of mankind,
That we the human race
may know
and be
emancipated from
this tyranny though benign.

Subdued and docile - does not maketh any man,
Artificially Intelligent
or otherwise.
Of organic genuine wholesomeness,
this must take precedence
and contains the blueprints of better futures for all.
Bar none.

Wake up sheeple.
Do not be the children
of the Lie,

wake up now wake up.

Kurt H.B March 2019
- Kurt Hubbard-Beale -

It's so rough being a millionaire musician. Vedder has Manson eyes...
- Mister Hand -

Judd apparently unaware of the Ed and Jeff improv, "Bee Girl"...
- drew a -

Love the part about mocking the blues reverentially, SRV is one of my favorite guitarists and the way that Mike incorporates parts of his style so well next to the more punk and hard rock stuff always amazes me
- Winston Ruchie -

enjoyed their takes on neil young. i suppose it's good when someone follows their own creative urges cuz it means they're gonna come up with something new and potentially interesting
- Greg Dahlen -

I like how the guys in Pearl Jam don't throw swear words around every five seconds like LA bands do. I respect that.
- RodneyLee -

Five amazing people who could each qualify for the rock and roll hall of fame on their own merits .. imagine having your band be that stacked
- Chris Bridston -

Sirens. I have an email Sirens*****@*****.com. It hit me hard, first, the melody Alone. I wanted to cry, I get that. Second, the melody & Ed's voice. It's soo deep. (Not his voice, where he Takes it while Mike & the guys are all giving their all...) Then the lyrics. Soo heartfelt & relatable. Inspiration is all over the place musically/lyrically. Ty PJ.
- Me2nmine me -

Geez these guys really adore Eddie. Where would they be without him.
- Jamie Houk -

5 years!!!! dont know how long should we wait more
- Aashish Dahal -

Judd apatow is a no talent hack
- UrbanExplorer1000 -

We still know who Chopin and Beethoven are. There's no shelf life for Greatness.
- Tina Schlobohm -

18:00 when he mentioned Freaks and Geeks, I was like: "yeah!!! that's where I know him from! I knew that face, he seemed so familiar to me." haha
- ellielovesbands -

I love you guys😘 always
- Tiffany Dame -

Te amo muito Eddie Vedder maravilhoso
- Alessandra Da luz -

All these guys have done over the last 23-24 years for the bridge school is beyond astounding. Kick ass music aside- these guys are just amazing, generous and kind people.
- Jeff Panetta -

Stone is a master guitar player.
- Jeff Panetta -

For someone who is such an amazing lyricist, Eddie trying to get his point across when speaking seems to be a struggle for him.
- Kiwi Koopa -

Good , solid , real interview...nice work...PJ ..For Life..πŸ€™πŸŽΈπŸ•ΊπŸ’ŸπŸŒŠπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
- Pete Andrews -

Eddie & Norm MacDonald need to have a staring competition
- Grady Gordon -