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- 김수진 -

Amazing masterpiece from MIB. The guitar playing is out of this world too!
- Kimi Koskinen -

Как хорошо что вы были и есть.
- Eugen Ivasi -

So the Devil will promise you all you're heavenly pleasures in sin/s & With his promise of your fulfillment/s you've accepted & fulfilled the Devils Carnal pleasures as an added enslaved member behind the "Gates Of Babylon" ~ If you listen to the Egyptian Tones (Imagine) A Serpent (Snake Charming) & That is the Sound of the Devils Music Enticing you ... This song is A Snake Charming of the HUMAN ... METALDAD2112/XIANWING
- metaldad2112 -

22nd Nov 2018 📣🎶🎶🎶
- carousell cheffz -

reminds me of powerslave by iron maiden
- macehil matecilof -

Γιατι τελειωνει γαμωωωωωωωωω?!
- ha3rdalis -

sleep with the devil, the devil will take you away(but she's a bomb lay!).
- zack kaotic -

Thr most awesome meaning of a song
- Anthony Ellul -

Αθάνατε Dio!!
- Stelios Apostolou -

actually the gates of babilon are blue
- Jose Espinosa -

Stargazer után a legjobb szám. Greetings from Hungary :)))
- Gábor Andriska -

Άρε DIO γαμούσες και έδερνες κάποτε!!!
- Αλέξανδρος Μέγας -
- Bliggard Bofultuff -

those are the right words man.... we miss you ronnie. Having you around creating music w heaven and hell gave us more strenght than the one we have left now. Is the end of the world and youre not around.. that sucks. We miss you!!!!
- Omar Sanchez -

Τεράστιοι καλλιτέχνες!!!!
- Hidalgo195 -

Such a fucking masterpiece....
- cowboy0212 -

O mestre - Rail to the Master!
- Edgar Franco -

Dio was really great songwritter and singer, but the mind behind this Rainbow's master piece is R.Blackmore! The Metal Witch!
- priniu -

DIO, τρισμέγιστε!!!