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Boring its not fails
- Vilius Urbonas -

Im a 37yr old family dude who cannot get enough of this stuff. One of my 4yr old twin boys also is hardcore into this also! He LOVES watching this stuff with me now.
- Crowbar44 -

Cool dude 😎 😀
- Circenn Obert -

Two lessons learned...
1) IF you actually buy a pos Orange Loader 4X4 - with only TWO WHEEL DRIVE and Plastic Tyres - DON'T EVER try to get it on a Trailer!! 😖

And 2) NEVER put a Camera on a LEGO Train! 😳😖
- PoorManRC -

There seems to be massive traction problems lol. Rc tires need to be improved
- Demonslayer20111 -

Can you stop showing videos more than once it is very stupid of you
- Adria Eversull -

- Mostafa Nodrat -

Ummmmmmmm........???????? Ok not bad but not so good.
- Whip Whip Playz -

Stupid lego shit
- Tobias -

They need to give rc tractors more torque

By the time the orange tractor got on the trailer it could have driven to where it was going!
- Jon Gover -

Love the second one.
- Kendal Myers -

8:43 Five trains wrecked in 20 seconds. Could you imagine if this happened with real trains? Worst train crash in history! I was told by an engineer who worked for Union Pacific, "You can't spell 'stupid' without U-P."
- CaptainFoufeu -

I was waiting for the guy with the tractor to lose his shit and just kick the tractor as hard as he could at the wall
- Scott Compton -

Kannst du deutsch?

Oi gostei
- Elissilva Santos -

400k subs has 2mil
- Gabriel Collins -
- Lan Rừng Miền Bắc -

Woah 1:31 did u see how the trains was turning so fast....
- Moto Moto -

Q bosta
- Carlos Henrique Basso de Souza -