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Hey guysπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ if you are heartbroken like me. Just move on and live your life dont make your problems take over you. I will always be here no matter whatπŸ’–πŸ’–
- Sad Girl -

its sow sad
- simeon cao -

I love this song I listen to it every day I sent this to my crush I want you to make more please
- Angela Wooden -

- Wazzup Gamer's -

Love me πŸ’œ
Need me
Need you
- cooldog493726 -

Sana all
- Ella John -

I'm currently suffering from a symptom called "*I'm in love with you and I hate it*"
- Seul Bear -

My Grandpa is dead 1 months ago
- Maeshina Cortez -

- Wild Shadow -

I feel the feeling that u was sad because of your crush cause sometimes i have an crush on my classmate i dont know why my heart was fasting beathing but i feel that every day always together with my crush but someday my friend tell him to my crush that i have an crushing on my classmate my crush was laughing so much and tell him to me Trisha im not in loved with u cause you are so ugly , my heart was so broke but i smile on my crush and laughing loud but on my heart it was so sad and after that i was so cold in my classmate i hurt my classmate and i kick my classmate my adviser talk to him but i cant tell him the true
- Melanie Flores -

I need guitar chords for this song!! 😒
- MushyLex -

We miss you AMBER TORRES sana maging ok ka dyan sa langit i miss you so much
- Josefina Alicaya -

Ung feeling ko na nagiisa nalng ako dahil lahat sila umalis sa tabi ko😭😭😭


Like nyo kung mahal nyo pamilya nyoπŸ’–πŸ’–
- Krislynne Ann -

- Saavedra Elgelord -

good song
- junvic torino -

- annie dumlao -

parang si crush ko yan ah
- Akisha Laurista -

pinaka gusto kong kanta
- Akisha Laurista -

Ako lang ba nakikinig neto habang iniisip ko crush ko
- Darrel Keith Bartolome -

I have crush but him love my friend 😭