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A little late to the party but I've heard this let's play mentioned more than once on Lucah's livestreams. Interested to see how this plays out.

I think we all know why I'm watching this series again ;) ;) ;) ;)

For the top tier dating advice of course!
- Salsa Seth -

I was actually on the fence whether or not to watch this LP given the adult nature of the game but I was wanting to see something different from the stuff I usually watch and this will certainly qualify. Let's see in the span of half an hour we've seen a 'love fairy,' straight up stalking behavior with the phone tracker, a complete catfight, multiple stereotypes, and the fact players date girls by playing a Bejeweled expy mini-game. Grabs the popcorn This should be interesting to say the least.
- Azarius Flashfang -

“It can track their location” laughs in Bill Cosby
- Osominor -

5 years ago, damn...
- Anacone -

Just watched the worst date from Korea game. And she was wearing a skirt.
- sgt major -

Man imagine going on a date and someone gives you a cabbage.
- Great Summoner Heronnet -

And then she married Proton Jon, thus popping the ultimate hunie.
- Lassie Sandiego -

2019 and I wanna relive this magical experience. Back to panty hunting!
- jaidora -

Audrey Vs Kyanna: Audrey wins

- Dark Hunter -

Rated "M"? More like Rated "AO".
- Dark Hunter -

I'm so glad that you said Bejeweled instead of another popular game that ripped off of it, I mean Sweet Tooth was cool too but those two are the OG's and the other one I'm just tired of hearing haha.
- JupiterLight -

im a kid and i no this game
- Chavellaryan Pondaag -

another year, another return to this series. It's almost annual for me at this point, but this is still a great watch.
- SpectralRoses -

Just realized, I love watching lucjagin, but never subscribed...

This has been the whoops of the year. My bad
- Blu Wolf -

Lmao I love this game
- Freshavacado -

"They look like two chihuahuas fighting under a blanket"
I'm dead, Lucah. You killed me
- Draegi the Scalie -

Children delete your watch history!
- what even is my username at this point? -

“Love is candy crush”.~markiplier
“Im dating girls with bejeweled”.~lucah
Gotta love the internet.
- Mike Warnke -

I watched this as a 16 year old. Am I in big trouble?
- |FilthyActsAtAReasonablePrice| -