I am so happy for this Videos good job brother! It’s time to learn a great double bass drumming! i always had problems with my technique ( swivel) I don’t really know what a Spring tension I should for my czarcie kopyto or my legs..I won’t to play fast for 200bpm without pain and Stress ✌️ but this time I can’t try with your lessons! Cheers!
- Paul Hudicêv Hoof -

By far, the best videos on double bass drumming. Absolutely incredible.
- Damian Quadro -

Very cool video man! A metal drummer from Turkey? That`s amazing,hails from your neighbours Bulgaria!
- BlastBeat Fromthe Depths of Hell -

Swiwel videosu ne zaman gelir ?
- Göktürk Altıntaş -

Very good tutorials, please don't stop making them. They're very helpful. I have a question, not regarding this particular video but double bass, I don't really know what technique to use around 140-160bpm or something around there. Should I just try different techniques and mixes? Any tips?
- TheSlayerswe -

you should try footblasters triggers man, best triggers for me. forget of any double triggering and another typical stage problems.
- Gonzalo Alee -

Thank you Erce!
- benniez14 -

You are so awesome mate.İnspiring us (turkish teenager drummers) to improve ourselves against all odds, making progress at what we fell in love... Keep it goin like that until you have nothing to teach us.
- Altay Kızıltaç -