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Who is here because of trailer 3
- Jesse Valencia -

Who’s here after seeing the final trailer??!!?!??! lol
- Da Man -

- VicRules666 -

Who's here after the final trailer??
- Anish -

WE ARE JEDI!!!!!!!!
- redshot 88 -

Who else thinks their going to make 10 11 12 in the future
- Jim -

Seeing that “Every Generation Has A Legend” had me in tears. I lost it after Rey flips and the music plays and you see Lando and everything.
- Lord Vader -

Anyone else waiting for the Monday Night Football trailer?
- Zed -

1:46 The Joker is now part of the Star Wars universe.
- EleFantMonty -

there is a 97.6% chance this will not fail..
- Simply-G ASMR -

At 1:08 the music is godlike
- Osmar Mendez -

How is here after the teaser for the trailer of ep9 ?
- mastergreg 5944 -

"We passed down all we know..." When Luke? When did anyone, including you, teach this mystery woman literally a single sentence of how to use the force? I'll even accept some off screen explanation of him explaining the whole thing on a phone call with force ghost Obi Wan. He didn't pass that lightsaber on, he threw it off a cliff😂😂😂
- jonathan collier -

1:23 lando laugh is the best part
- Gianluca Tripodi -

- Jeff the Killer -

The Force Awakens The Last Jedi for The Rise of Skywalker.
- Mac and Cheese -

Final trailer in 7 to 9 hours...
- Queen Victoria -

6 months since then.... Where is the second teaser??
- Hugo -

New trailer soon guys ❤️❤️❤️
- Mathias Pedersen Explained -

Just appreciate the music, guys. It's perfect
- Gabriel Martins -