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Who is smiling at the end that kill al the trailer not good
- Ali casa blanca -

This should have been the final trailer, in my opinion
- Red X -

Lando are back in ep 9?!
- Finobe ROBLOX -

I havent seen a single star wars movie in my life but this trailer makes me wanna binge them all once disney plus is out
- Andrew Ruiz -

Where are the captions?
- Lynn Sargent -

Who’s here after the final trailer?
- Thomas Tiberio -

Was the purpose of flying this ship so low is to run her over? Why not shoot her from above? This trailer doesn't make any sense.
- Jay G -

Anakins lightsaber sounds different now, or Reys lightsaber
- Macho Reyes -

This low key is exactly the same as the frozen teaser
- Hannah N -

So who came back after the Rise of Skywalker final trailer?
- Snoke's Missing Hairpiece -

Who came here after final trailer?
- Ririd Jatmiko -

Remember that all your favorite characters were mass muderers
- Random Videos -

Who’s here after the new trailer?
- Liam Walsh -

Once again I'm hyped
- Max Wilde -

Wait what.....

Am I the only one thinking that it could possibly be the The Son from the "Clone Wars" that returns? Y'know since he is a Force Wielder...
- Crystal Cat -

Whoever disliked this video is a bot
- Yamppa -

Here after the final trailer
- Ric Marina -

Too much sand
- Jack septiceye2 -

The Rise of Skywalker's cocksaber
- Spinning Back Side Kick -