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Is it necessary to watch Star Wars movies before this show??
- Pankaj Soam -

I love how the only thing thats said in the trailer is " Bounty hunting is a complicated profession"
- Γιωργος Χατζηκαλλινικίδης -

This is The best tv show of Star Wars, spoken I have.
- Avneez Bhargkeshari -

I love the mandolorian it is the best
- Debra Rasmussen -

in some parts mando is walking like a woman would, sometimes I wonder if he is replaced by a woman in the suit
- Cynnx7 -

- Vivian Griebler -

They did a great job with this series and just can't wait till second season casting is amazing, storytelling amazing wish they had down the last star wars series bc maybe they would have give Luke more honor and better draw to newer characters bc the older characters did there job ..... but this series is everything I wanted for sequel to star wars imagine how good actor that get you so connected to him and u can't even see his face so that an excellent Gina Carano been huge fan since Haywire just think she amazing so glad they keep giving her roles because she a favorite for me everyone in this series has been great so thank you for bringing great cast on board and great writer keep up the great work look forward to more would not have even tried Disney channel if not for mandolarian so hope the bring it back soon
- EPBF1 -

I want more❗.. I love this show, too bad it's so short😶
- Michael Wise -

عالی بود Perfect 👍👍👍
- Armin Modiri-86 -

- Humus Navarro -

Rest in pieces, Netflix. Your days are numbered.
- Lion of Truth -

This guy was Batman
- Russell 21 -

Jedi: May the force be with you
Sith: POWER!!!
Clankers: Roger Roger
Clones: Sir Yes Sir
Mandalorians: This is the way
- alan li -

No one:
Literally No One:
Me:Carl Weather omg!!!!

FIrst time i saw star wars was the Phantom Menace which made me not want to watch the star wars cinematic. But after the mandalorian came in, i gave the original trilogy a shot and it was solid and the prequels were okay(as i said the phantom menace was not good). So please watch them before The Mandalorian otherwise some of the episodes won't have the meaning!
- The Man vs PC -

Do you have to watch all the star wars movies to watch this??
- Davina Anthony -

Bruh LMAO MANDO IS AMAZING, who’s here after you’ve seen in his face in the final episode, season 2 coming soon👍
- Op_ C4L1BR3 -

Nice cast!
- pinky winkyy -

This Show is the best Star Wars content ever. I have spoken
- Littl Vinny -

Season 2 casts Temuera Morrison as Boba

Fans: "This is the way"
- Carlos Peniche -