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- MrMLD1972 -

- Владислав Смирнов -

- Kellie Smith -

Love this song and i enjoy the silence too
- Yacinta Jakobs -

I feel sorry for all the kids that won't ever get to listen to this
- florida grown -

When the song came out: words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm

2019: he looks like that guy from fallen kingdom
- LOLSKU115 -

- Димарик Чувашев -

I don't care if your webcam is shut off and not connected to the 80's;
Depeche Mode stared you down this whole time
- DarkWolf -

Corona Virus brought me here but want to stay and put on repeat.
- Julie Maxwell -

Я один сюда пришёл после мема а форчана ?
This song ages like a wine. Better with the years.
- Carlee Fisher -

Super !!!
- IVA W. -

Why is Burger King walking all over the place?
- Dale Messerly -

For the life of me I will never understand the symbology of this song.

Is it supposed to be a comment on vanity?

Like an uncontent king, sure or himself but lacking a kingdom?

Which is really at odds with the lyrics.
- David Mathis -

I loved this song when I was young...People thought I was weird for liking Depeche Mode....One of my favorite groups!!
- Shanita K -

while i'm listening to this kids are listening to billy eyelash
- Joe & Norma Loop -

This song feels like a fever dream, I have distinct memories of hearing it riding in the car with my mom late at nights it was one of those songs you hear and like but never learn the name of. It just feels like one of those songs you hear when reality doesn’t feel quite real, like when you wake up after you fell asleep on the couch and your parents moved you to your bed.
- Queen Daily -

Januari 2020. Teamweekend with the boys. Albufeira Portugal. Damn we were so fuckin dunk all nights, even the ladies liked the song hahaha, and us of course 😜
- Xander Teeuwsen -

- Juan Pablo Corguinha -

Coronavirus saying: "enjoy the silencie" ja
- Menos es mas -

In my top 10 best tunes
- Debra Gill -