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- Ethereal Dreams -

My favorite socks-optional espadrilles got a stain on them from my pet alligator had an accident down in the galley on my boat, where I live. Picked up a fresh pair, drove away in the Lambo to solve crimes.
- wizzolf schaferhund -

A few minutes music, ad, a few more minutes, ad, the ads are longer than the music sections. Kind of tired of this shit. Hope you get rich off these ads so you no longer need them.
- MikeyPro -

🔥🔥🔥🔥 mix bro! Really good work picking the tracks
I make a lil synthwave of my own, check out my new EP u might like it :)
- Fryle -

What's the game that starts at about the 1:00:00 mark?
- CultureVulture629 -

Love this playlist! Writing my thesis while it jams in the background. Shout out from Pakistan!
- forlornking78 -
- R M -

Fuck I was looking for this playlist for almost 2 years after I first heard it and almost gave up untill today when it popped in my youtube recommendations! now I can die peacefully
- Chrysologus DMello -

This takes you to the good old days you never lived.
- Combo Acapella -

Love this.. thx...
- Jeff Sipes -

Something about this early track sounds like one of my cats is mewling to go out. Oh wait, he is mewling to go out.
- Ivan Karamazov -

love this mix and love electric youth
- IanY_1985 -

Can you submit your own work to this channel?
- John Tait -

what is this
- Portfolio _cs -

Too many adds
- Gonzalo Ramirez -

These tapes are fcking awesome...
- Hippogriff -

Too many Adds
- Hyperchaosbringer -

- blue coture -

Way too many ads
- Louis iaeger V -

Can anyone tell me how to get these graphics??
- Terrell Hannah -