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Album officially out now!:
- Crypt -

How dare you be so goddamn good at singing
- drumheads17 -

You've given me more inspiration than any human on this earth.
- joelsolomon42 -

Realest shit.
- joelsolomon42 -

This song has helped me so much.
- joelsolomon42 -

- joelsolomon42 -

Absolute fire that track. Love the slow beat and fast rap and lyrically up there with the best story tellers
- Steven Woodward -

Is this the guy from that "I'm not racist" song?...
- turblown -

- Zexus -

Holy shit. I wasn’t expecting this when I saw the video, DAMN CRYPT! I got even more love for you after this video!
- Gamin_With_Yz -

A lot of nf vibes. Really enjoyed the rap
- gryphonguy21 -

Seeing you make music & hearing your story unfold makes me wanna start putting bars down to my beats
- Z Dro -

Positive vibes 2020
- Devin Chadlum -

Holy crap crypt your Lyrics are so deep. Shit hits hard and true.
- Keith Callis -

love the song crypt! wish i was able to make music like you, or even at all! 😂
this is some lyrics i made..

every day i wake, and im not surprised, but i stare at the ceiling wondering why..
what i am is
sick of trying to survive, with a body that wants to live but a mind that wants to die
easy to say to get up and try, that nothing will ever change over night, everyday is a tug of war and thats just life..
but i aint got no fight, aint got no life, aint got no hype
every thought i have i think it over twice, stays with me over night..nobody around to shine some light
just me and my teary eyes
- D James -

Inspired by NF I see
- Otomars Freibergs -

Well done 🔥🔥🔥🔥
- Nick .gibb28 -

Look guys!!

NF 2
- BoyanGreenBlu -

Amazing, deserves more credit
- Loose Coyote -

Definitely your best song yet
- audun monster -