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hes good....but dont care too see his middle aged flabby chest....gross!
- dlrarmy -

size 8 strings to 46?
eddie van hallen uses 9s to 42 and every other string is coded and not nickle wound coded
zack wylde uses 11-56 on tuned down les pauls
- British Boxer -

he could start a music school... should... should...
- Brad Jensen -

Stacking a lot of marshall, does he suffer from tinnitus?
- Dimas Ari -

how can less be more? it's impossible. more is more.
- baba yaga -

The guy is the coolest.
- George Lynch -

What pickups are the original replica?
- Stan Adams -

.........this is SO Spinal Tap, don't even 'look' at this guitar..... All that gear and he doesn't play a single note.
- Alan Scott -

OMG!!! This is sooo entertaining in sooooo many ways!!!!
- Charles T -

ok so i do like this guy and his playing ... but really really reminds me of trump ... to the way everything he has got is "the best" and "amazing" and he helped build this and that ... and the butting in and talking over people ... really -.- ... good player seems like a bit of a stuck up knob :( witch is a shame
- Dee Wing -

He has earned his way over the years but I am not into exact signature guitars or replicas of old beat up guitars. I guess because I played on a piece of shit myself for the first few years before I was able to save up as a teen and get a named brand guitar. My 1st was given to me and was horrid! My second and third I actually built and my 3rd I wish I still had. Its didn't look great, but it payed and sounded incredible! But I have to say. That wall of marshalls is just show overkill if most of them are even on or hollow anyway.
- DreidMusicalX -

Humbuckers disguised as single coils
- Asifur Rahman -

I don’t listen to Yngwie all that much, but he’s a blast to see live. He had the wall last time, but I’m pretty sure only two heads and cabs were actually off standby.
- Strumzilla -

Doesn't get much better than Malmsteen!
- Worldwide Ghosts -

Esta cñora me da asquito
- Soiio -

I’m not taking away from his talent, but his playing is the equivalent of a cast of actors reciting the entire 3 1/2 hour play of Hamlet in half an hour. It takes talent, but isn’t very artistic or even appealing.
- Will Carpenter -

I dont understand if the yjm fury are high output or not
- Machevuoi -

This deleted scene from "Spinal Tap" is hilarious ! Should have been in the final cut of the movie.
- Markstun -

Yngwie is a one off, a total legend!😎
- Recording Chat -

Yngwie with his wall of marshalls is like trump with his wall of concrete
- Daniel Bui -