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These guys are really talented, so many great songs.
- Julie Gogola -

I'm only twelve and this song feels old because I listened to it when I was little... Even more emotional now
- Phil Swift Is God -

I believe I'm getting close to the meaning of this song.
In the meantime let's rock and roll.
- Gregorio Saldana -

πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ˜TRUE WORDS!!! And so powerful as well! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
- Frollein Lunis -

I remember playing this really old game on my xbox and i could pick one out of a bunch of other songs to play in the game and i ALWAYS picked this one. I think the game was called Rock Band Blitz or something idk
- Blade as a cat :3 -

It hurts gooood
- Absol00tly -

Top 20 songs ...all time..
- james Laskowski -

easy for you to say......
- tracey born -

i love this song thank you Angie Loader
- Hunter Saffell -

Best f**** song ever Cobain couldn't write or touch this s***
- George Campbell -

Anybody else have a blue progress bar for this video?
- L0rdDeath425 CJ -

- Minna M -

My dad used to play this song after my parents got a divorce. I was little, but I gotta think, what was my dad feeling when I was too young to know
- Cosmic Remix -

Omg I used to always listen to this song in middle school ahhh hella memories
- Bella Brooks -

My son blake like this song.
- Shonak Rutherford -

La mejor CanciΓ³n :')
- angel solares -

this song is way too real and amazing
- sirjames45443 -

This was in a Xbox 360 game
(Know from demo) I think
- Noob Animation -

I dedicate this to my naive friend
- Angie T -

novembro de 2018???? Brasil
- Leonardo Andrade -