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- Michael Solo -

We really didn‘t change that much...
- I‘mAnAlienAndGoingToTakeOverThisPlanet. BYE BYE. -

Great performance

Yes I would love to live forever 😎😘
- Angel Roman -

80,s song 34
- Raj Maratha warrior Clan -

Perfect ♥️♥️
- Letícia Lopez -

C'est LA VIDEO à montrer en 2050, et je SUIS SINCÈRE !!!!!
- Stéphane -

- Wutzi Prack -

Unfortunately we don't stay young a long time... I didn't see the time spent, neither my youth nor my life... I turn around and boom I'm 51 in 2019... Enjoy the young people because it pass very quickly...
- Pandemonium Lig -

2020 🌿
- vini costa -

No one is living forever young some crazy stuff n die😂😂tat way population ll decrease
- goodday kriibve -

A whole life ahead
The world will be mine
My first girlfriend
Hope and future
I'll be a winner

But life my friend, I think another thing for you.....
- moisés -

Só os top
- Marcio Luiz santana -

Anyone here in 2019?
- Daniel Martins -

- Вадим Кислов -

- Вадим Кислов -

🇧🇷🎶🎶🎶 para sempre jovem
- Júnior César -

Legal dms adoro essa música ainda com remix e showw❤
- Vera Gomes -

Who wants to live forever?
- Pablo Fernández -

I sitting all day long in my room in front of my pc and wasting my time because i have lost all my friends lmao ...hate my life xddddd
- D3r Joe -