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You need more flow but great song
- James wubbadub -

Ur gonna get arrested for spraying that truth bro
- Kyro Gaming 98 -

I swear to god this is the song of the year
- LLY -

Maybe God died and we're his forgotten children, or maybe he traded Earth with Satan for something, never know bro, I hope I don't go to hell for writing this comment, but he gave us a brain for a reason, you recognize and judge real and fake, if I go to hell for that then fuck it
- Nick Veazie -

this song gives me goosebums
- Idairenba irom -

B K is a fake fan he only wants likes
- Lil Pip136 -

Сук, зная перевод пустил нихуевую слезу 😭
- Егор Панасин -

Anddddd just like that I’m done listening to Joyner Lucas
- Clark McLean -

This song is so underrated man

top 10
joyner lucas
kednrick lamar
denzel curry
tech n9ne
joey bada$$
the game
- Deirrow -

is he talking about the muslim christchurch thing
- BaconNinjaBoii -

Should have put em on this one
- Robert Claflin -

RIP LIL SNUPE 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 And everyone else💙
- Aadesh Patel -

Where was🔪 he All my life .. Damn shits deap
- Dana Yankanich -

Fuck suge but if he gets out I’m kidding
- Avsap_adrian 101 -

Heart broken
- Juddy Mwangi -

anybody watching this in december
- Jessica Ribeiro -

RIP RAPPERS AND XXX AND JACKSON so much rappers left us but never leave by our side
- Jayden Cadena -

R.I.P. Eazy E🔥🙏
- G2F -

Realist rap song 💯
- alejandro vargas -