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This is actually the soundtrack for "Ink"
- QiLLAH -

I’m going through some stuff mentally that my family can’t help me with. I have two sons that I’m trying to hang in there for but these invisible demons are winning this battle. I no longer feel like a bird in the sky free within my own mind. The darkness is corrupting my mind and making me miserable. This can’t be my last fight. I see the light within reach but hard to get to. Ever been surrounded by love yet feel so alone for years and years hiding behind a smile telling yourself to take it day by day but these days are dragging on my friends time is nonexistent in my mind the paranoia is kicking in and ashamed to ask for help give me guidance for I need a path to walk on other than the dark road I’ve been on.
- Nick Ortiz -

Listening to this drunk out of my mind. Thinking where did I go wrong
- Werner Burger -

"It is a small rootless international clique that is turning people against each other, that does not want them to have peace."
- Heroes of November -

- HSM RR -

I’ll be honest, they should’ve stayed near the plane. Satellite would’ve picked up a crashed plane on land, sadly they dont pick up plane crashes in the sea. The wolves don’t hunt like in the movie either. They do their best to avoid any interactions with humans.
- BrushedTrout007 -

This theme stares my soul x
- MrSupersixfour -

'Cause every once in a while the lion has show the jackals, who he is......'
- Mo Khan -

My favorite
- Attique Ahmed -

I am Scottish this song portrays in many ways why I wont ever give up against a political elite who want my country to be stuck with every thing that is wrong ,we as Scots have stuck up for Europe when the fuck are yous going to stand up for us
- archied -

Infinito del mundo empieza temblara la tierra yyyyy aguesomy
- Guy Yard sale -

Sad sond ever
- CalTa - -

this soundtrack was from movie Ink also?...
- Eglė Milka -

The film may have it's problems with their depiction of a wolf, but the music is flawless and breathtaking.
- Tim O -

Oh dear... it’s their fucking den.
- bledsoej101 -

-Encantado de conocerle, señor. Mi nombre, Viktor, Viktor Nikolaevich Pritchenko. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
- El Pachikone -

Loved this movie. Music is spot on.
- Michael Moore -

Music like this brings back to me Dylan Thomas´s famous words: "Do not go gentle into that good night."
- Esteban Mata Vargas -

Why did he chose a wolf ?
- ScrapironRyann -

this is amazing and epic! thanks so much for your apportation!
- OIHM films -