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some moments very similar to Sunshine OST
- Oleg R -

"Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight I'll ever know.
Live, and die on this day.
Live, and die on this day..."

"Una vez más en la pelea,
A la última de las buenas batallas que tendré
Vivir y morir en este día
Vivir y morir en este día..."
- N. Alexis Gómez Cruz -

Why is this not on Spotify? :(
- Luis Pablo Aguilar -

This music makes me think of the decline in our culture. The glory of Europe’s past and our ancestors fighting for our homelands only for it to be thrown away in a few generations. Watching the culture/people that you love descend into chaos and depravity. Seriously, look at our world today; 3rd trimester abortions, men competing in women’s sports, giving children hormones to change their sex, importing masses of third world immigrants in to destabilise the indigenous people, gays having children and getting married, pornography everywhere. It just never ends. It’s like there is some (external force) deliberately pulling strings in some huge psyop trying to destroy European culture.
- Literally Hitler -

I've never cried so much in my life...

Thank you for making me feel again..

No matter how dark I feel my soul may get it just makes me want to delve deeper and deeper..

To see what it has to offer a lost soul in need of salvation...

What can you offer me my old friend..

- Mccaulley Cooper -

Hay veces que me gustaría estar en un mundo vacío lleno de plantas y arboles y edificios rotos destruidos con autos vacíos como el de los juegos
- [r] gamer_15 -

A wonderfull anda Sado vision of the heaven...
- Confraria e Ordem do Leão -

You wanna be a goon.... Be a goon, but there's a price that come with that either death or jail.
- Klipzers -

"Hope is what makes us is why we are is with what we fight when all else is lost"
- Albanian Badass -

Is this a fan made extension? I can’t find this version anywhere on Spotify or itunes
- AJvanuw -

tomorrow i enter inpatient treatment for behavioral illness and substance abuse
im nineteen
tihs song is what i needed to hear
- Liam Gill -

My fav ❤️
- Yasir Khan -

- Götwulf Kaisersson -

You stare into the abyss. And it stares right back. Your move..........
- Ken Cox -

she's gone and she's never coming back. i think i'll always think of her
- Sturmgewehr 44 -

listen John’s Walk from Ink
similar soundtrack
- Irfan Ali -

This is adagio in d minor. Cool version.
- Adam Recht -

- ScottBuster Video -

'I am the way, the truth and the life'.
- Shaindarkart -

Makes me stop and think
- Red -