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This guy is really good he should join a rock band.
- troll hunter -

Nicko ❤👍
- Rene Hildebrand -

If he had spent less time playing golf & more time practicing his craft then maybe he might have been a bit better than the very average that he is. Or maybe not. Too late now though :-/
- David Mason -

Only genius like this guy can be in iron maiden.
- panther moon -

4:24 sounds like the intro of WWE's New Day theme lol
- RebelOfTruth -

loving dely boy with lovely jumbly
- Adam Carr -

More cow bell
- Joseph Appleton -

I think it's cool that he switches from traditional grip to 'regular'
- DJ Wolf -

- Cristian Alexander Merino -

The Iron Maiden!!!!
- Carlos Christopher Cuervo -

Great solo, unique, nice snare work
- graeme white -

Grandpa still knows all the moves
- Rick M -

He always puts a smile on my face jam'n,
- NorthWestRiggingSpecialist -

Nicko dosent like solos its just a waste of time
- Robert Sanchez -

smart man,,,he got right with the Father
- lunarmist428 -

I like the way he play that drum set..
- New Miracle -

I can't believe he is able to play that good. Usually he has 8rack toms an his snare angle is verticle
- random daily videos -

Wearing a WeSC shirt!!! Nooo wayyyyyy!!!! NICE
- Nick Dunlap -

He makes it look so easy
- Martin Addison -

Who's drum set is he playing? Scott Travis from Judas Priest? Just a guess.
- Neal Babbitt -