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How do I get a set off flares 1200 ute
- Frankie Teggart -

I envy coutries with roads like this. Roads in country is like a weather you'll never know where is the next bumps and pot holes. It just hits you.
- Meter Marker -

Amazing car👍👍👍
- Yona Raditya -

Yo he left the steering wheel on the roof while driving xD
- Adrian Bastida -

Awesome video and extremely nice build.
- Driver Motorsports -

- AKIRAイシカワ -

Can somebody tell me if that is carbon fiber foil or something at the beginning?
- Cosmoraptor -

I need this truck now
- SOON Restoration -

The mans got crazy engineering skills an vision” the quality of his build looks amazing!! Super creative totally on point 👊🏽
- pappymason08 -

its an art...
- Singgih Wisnubroto -

This is awesome

We need more of this!!! We need in update in where his truck is currently!!
- Mr.Dhill -

Great car and video. 👍👍👍
- dirtydean1 -

After this video, I subscribed 💯 much respect I hope he gets the recognition that he deserves. Awesome build very inspiring especially seeing how I’m in my mid twenties working on my D21.
- Paul Issac -

My is Kharson naweza kupata ingeni ya lnjekeshen nissan sunny old pcup
- Kharson Ally msangi Msangi -

- Faked CPM -

Fat cat
- Savio Thomas -

Wicked truck !!!
- Cubichi27 -

K puta máquina...
- Mr. GOMEZ -

Where can I get this kit
- dillon sanders -