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Tell that weirdo ass nigga take that bama shirt off you in Texas boy
- Droppedsilverado 5.3 -

Thanks For The View ///
- Camp -

Mic pass with no mic
- r 830 -

No SCRUBS please
- r 830 -

I'm impressed....that these guy's next stop will be prison- bet!

Where is the 1st rapper at now? I wanna see him make it to the top.
- Mob Mentality -

god fuckin dam! was their anybody who didnt kill it??? shit!!!
- KansasMex 785 -

Am going to wear my sunglasses on my shirt too.. that's cool..
- Jacob Ortega -

From the creator of the Austin Mic Pass Mr. Oldskool
- Camp -

4.1 baby
- FukkUrLife Bro -

Sick shit but y'all see that little kid at the back of the crowd ๐Ÿ˜‚
- Kidd on Deck -

Caustions medicine
- thug for life -

I like to thank everyone that has watched the video even those that didn't like it and left negative comments
- Kalel Edwards -

I'm from dat Taylor, love how y'all represented Atx. Good beat n excellent flows๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
- Ricky Henry -

H-TOWN way better NO ATX

Jp we should all team up SOUTH SIDE TEXAS VS all coastz
- DJ C-JESUS N.S.C C-Jesus -

And that last Trinidad James remix is wack ass fuck . Y'all boys making Austin look Goofy. For all you viewers this is not Austin music. this is a bunch of goofy ass n*** making some b***** ass music
- Mark Wayne -

Man take this bullshit offline my nigga
- Mark Wayne -

Who co-signed this line up? None of these dudes got albums or mixtapes probably. These n*** ain't Even the main n*** popping in Austin. FOH (Fuckouttahere)
- Mark Wayne -

There isnโ€™t even a hood in Austin. Be a white boy and be anywhere in atx no problems. Come through 4th ward
- staywoke -

What's good from the H02D
- SpaceGod02 MF -