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- Lord Protector -

- yuri leite -

A rare bluesy number by Sabbath
- Shaun Morrison -

iommi the king og metal solos! R.I.P Dio

Great vocal, amazing solo.
- Alcides Duarte Falcao -

Year of this? Is Dio on vocals? de qué año es éste álbum? Es Dio el vocalista??

Greatest last track off any album bar none.
- Adam Crow -

fk man....
- arthur urbano -

They were/are great musicians, they sure know their craft, it's so inspiring... How do you get to this point?
- Calebe Priester -

grande su voz....!
grande su voz....!
- Fernando Fonseca -

gran cancion , igual que soluted y children of the sea .....!
- Fernando Fonseca -

Bit like a one armed drummer !!!!
- Steve Whitehouse -

Metal blues baby!
- Genaro Salazar -

Health tip # 345: You can burn 500 calories head bobbing to this song.
- Andrew -

Nothing captures the feelings of loss and loneliness better than this song. Everyone lauds Neon Knights and the other songs on this album, but this song is low key the best on the album. It sounds like all four members separately played or sang their interpretations of the song's concept, and then Martin Birch mixed it all together and this was the result. It's a masterpiece.

The best songs a band does are the ones who make you feel what they are expressing, and this one is no exception. It grabs me by the soul every time I hear it.
- Rendclaw -

By far one of the greatest musicians of all time
- christopher brown -

believe it or not : when I was living in my Iraq back long ago before escaping Persecution , way back in early 1980's we use to smuggle from Turkey through underground black market Dio's Tapes and Iron Maiden ( to us DIO and Bruce were equal gods of metal ) but Dio's Voice , still makes my skin growl with goosebumps and his Lyrics , I must say this : touched our hearts and sliced like knife through , Baghdad Nights where spent with Dio's voice singing while staring at the stars . that is how famous he was without his knowledge and most of you knew . and now you all do . DIO is and always will be the God of Metal, PERIOD .
- AnunnakiThe1 -

Tony’s playing is so much more interesting and soulful than Eddie Van Halen’s.
- Larval Stage -

Pooloo see BAGOOMBA!!!
- Ralph Filigenzi -

Kind of sad that this is under 900K views, it's really epic.
- Veronica Bellucci -