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I see Asthenic and just put thumbs up, because there's a guarantee with this guy.
- jarmo tverin -

nices toons
- Minecraft steve -

Game: count all of the horizontal lines reaching the bottom ;)
- Just In Case -

MAN! that wallpaper tho!
- Spooq -

who made the visuals?
- Photon Life -

Synthwave brings me back to times when nothing mattered. And all i had was love. This music drives those memories to the forefront of my thoughts. One day... those memories will occur again in a different form in the now. To all those in a bad place, hang in there, we need to get through it together. We are all here to grow together and build a better world. Lets make the dream a reality. Peace ❤️
- Michael Rullis -

dude what are you doing, i'm feeling g r o o v y
- Ãñthõñy 17 -
- Robert Mastrolembo -

You deserve way more subscribers mate.
- Adam Ngangan -

How many people here are pisces?
- Sam Sabra -

Every single mix is beyond enjoyable. I listen at work, when I study, or just when I want to escape reality.
- Mickey Beats -

nice vibe beautiful tracks 🌈🌈🌈
- DXwave -

neon drive
- Fallen Devonish -

4:11 Bermuda harbor stroll. 🏝😎🛥⛴🛳🌅
- Black Jack -

(just listen to this after I cannot tell him what I feel)
- Reynaldy Raditya -

I want in the 80s, driving a 964 Porsche 911 Turbo listening to this waves.....
- thesleeper90 -

This will help you evaluate yourself
- Tanya Duvall -

- Tanya Duvall -

Who else clicked on this video because it reminds them of the #AndrewYang Pink Hat!?
- Lynsight -

Best fucking mix for coding, so focused... so chill... so calm... so weed... (?
- Santiago Testa -