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Great stuff. Thanks.
- paramists -

Not for normies.
- Tomasz Zagórski -

I'm listening to this as a I write a game engine in C, with a terminal window open and vim as my text editor. Maybe I'll build the virtual reality in the video
- Ted Bendixson -

Still Human!
- Romain Ccz -

Music changes me
- gardenia 3021 -

I have listened this great mix in florida ridding a good carduring sunset it was awesome thanks
- Gator Korps -

You guys brought the 80's back. Congratulations.
- Bexigah Music Web -

- altar7 -

Juste magnifique <3 Merci d'être là...
- Pour Kedal -

Love this.
- J W -

- Meme ḍǿƗJPG -

Im so into this....... THANKSSOOOOOMUCH
- tjina town -

wow ! this comment section is so positive
- Neekro -

guitar tone at 8m sucks, backing is nice but please if your producing beautiful synthwave surely you can do better on your guitar tone!!
- Luke Percy -

Just found your channel today, I am loving everything on here. It's been going nonstop while I study for a work exam.
- Zachary Studebaker -

This is an auditive paradise.
- Vidalon -

- Morbid Grim -

This is what plays in heaven ∞ I can confirm.
- Giant23 -

So great for studying and working
- Katarina Corona -

This is absolutely the best xWave mix out there! I feel like i'm falling through the eternal void of soothing emotions and this feels great
- Boris Berezner -