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Check out our latest episode of Guitar Power, featuring Aaron Marshall of Intervals:
- D'Addario and Co. -

Tosin, the Jimi & Eddie of our time.
- Jeff Dawson -

The interviewer seems to be totally overstrained.
- Marc Blum -

It's not fair to replace a person with the AI and pretend normal people could play this. Stop lying to us.
- Sm0key90 -

Is the host jonesing for his next meth fix?
- Vito B -

Imagine if he weren't oppressed.
- Drew Johnson -

That dudes strap is looser than my grandma
- Citrus -

this host must be on crack
- travimcmusic -

Matt Sweeney seems like an old-school rock type of guy. I honestly first thought that he might be rude or something, like he wouldn't think that Tosin had the same amount of skill as typical rock guys.
Turns out he had a huge amount of respect for the guy.
Matt just fangirled over Tosin, he was so interested and amazed over how Tosin played, especially when he tried it himself. It was awesome seeing how Matt just completely fell apart over the thump stuff, loved this!
- Axel Ytreberg -

Why he look like the main American from Narcos Mexico season 2
- BoomBamSmash -

3:18 wut...
- x CheddahBiskets -

Do you play guitar or bass?
(Tosin Abasi) yes...
- Reid Dylans -

Dude im scared......(Tossin): As you should be
- Helen Barone -

This guy has no idea apparently that he interupted Tossin and he did it with pure ignorance as Tossin was in the middle of making one of the most educated answer ever.... and this guy just let his douchness flow out
- Helen Barone -

Step on my throat, you rudely large man. Break my fingers, you brooding mountain.
- George Moore -

Feels like a really heavy ttng I like it
- London Dickenson -

yo that host was so excited and I totally get why! Tosin is just insane!
- soascha -

Son : mom I want a Guitar teacher
Mom : we have already one at home

Guitar teacher at home :
- matteo vasta -

love his work. he is a major guitar nerd. and that is a VERY good thing.
- jeffk412 -

Tosin mentions Frank Gambale ...he truly is a guitar god
- Kalvin Hill -