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a fuckin npc killing shooter. boring!
- SwampySack -

The rocket launchers the most powerful weapon?
Guessing they didnt think of adding the bfg before this video
- willzb2000 Gaming -

boring shit just like your games
- Khaled Sulliman -

One question what in the hell does the main character have the halo 5 master chiefs arm design
- Jeremiah Dionio -

Honestly, this is some of the only video game content on youtube I like.
- Oivalf Music -

lmao, I was wondering about the swimming in this game
- Oivalf Music -

That was fun. Lol
- jahseedbeatz504 -

- master yoda -

This game is absolutely amazing
- Sir William -

Love that ending

I actually really enjoyed this. This guy has a good sense of humour and clearly cares about the game.
- Exogarde -

"It's a really good story" LOL :D
- Tomáš Havlín -

Did he not say VERY DENSE, NO BOREDOM or something? Im spending 70% of my time in the damn car. Fill the damn map up with enemies. 10 people or less in every damn "den". Guys...come on. Its not bad, but not awesome either, COULD be though. Anyone?
- LaserGadgets -

ROFL so good
- Cosmic Misfit Drew -

This guy seems a character. Good interview, looking forward to this crazy game.
- Derangedxzombie -

The motherfucker said no micro transactions . Lies!
- Ignatius Martin -

You can complete Doom (1993) without firing a single shot by the way.
- N R -

Walker's first name is Runfast, to me
- Kyle S. -

cant wait...theres even a counter in bethesda launcher when you can play ...sweeeeeeet
- jutaku -

AH... you had me at the end there!!!
- CowboyBebop -