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After Zack Snyder's justice League announcement
- Harry Potter -

y this only has 16 mn views?????
- විනුදිගේ නවකතා -

I am a simply man. I saw Nick topless thumbnail, I clicked
- jr00isaac -

feeling heat in December when your around me

Puberty hit that person hard-
- ItsFluffyClouds -


i like tutrtles
- 15 legomaster -

Pricks are crooks
- 5-min meditation daily to increase your IQ -

You guys are the best singers I’ve ever hered.I play your music on my Alexa
- Jessica Owens -

"following u through the dark "

The 3 Girls: um ok...

Me reacting 2 that if someone said that 2 me: ...

I can't sleep bc of that
- Lillian Larry -

I love neck gones
- Noah White -

- Tamar Esther Perez Medina -

I briefly touched Nick's arm once in 2008. Now they're all married and I'm old.
- Lane Whittington -

Tweh, wow nice lyrics!!!
- Quagsire Clearaszerg -

I listen to this music for the first time, but it really sounds like Pharrel- Happy, the rhythm of the song in exactly alike, dont u think?
- Nil Arora -

- Senne De Wilde -

They got some weird ass voices 😂
- Caitlin Henshaw -

This masterful work of art is blighted by the atrociously blatant product placement at 3:00. Just, why... 😫
- Scout Baggins -

love the song but lets be honest

I dont get the video :/
- Isabelle Yoon -

Do you guys know that he is in a movie callled Jumanji?
- Julia lee -

2:23 You're welcome :)
- Superficial -