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@prashic 2703 Those models that you’re referring to are a lot more than that everybody’s a critic but you’re not a good one
- Lawrence Doane -

I like so I have been every since I was younger I use to have a huge crush on Nick j
- Kaitlin Mathis -

Kevin's handsome!
- TheBrodo -

Soy el tipico comentario en español difícil de encontrar

Autolike para no desaparecer
- feve moreira -

Literally Australia
- JiaHao Huang -

3 handsome husbands with beautiful, hot and exotic looked wives.....
- Lipstick Baby -

Omg it's so amazing music video
- Stevani Vani -

Honestly some scenes made me feel like a third wheel 😂
- Sara K. -

I love this song
- Kiattisuk Suthumma -

like this😍😍😍
- Emily Joshi -

Dumbest music video ever
- benjaminlewis75 -

Omg I just noticed that the girls are there wife’s 😲
- Nancy Rodriguez -

Priyanka chopra I am from India and also a fan of yours. please return back to India and be a bollywood movie actress favourite movie was gunday
- Div Bhat -

- Thazin Hsu Aung -

You guys are all handsome and your wives are gorgeous. Please stay together
- Teresa mendoza -

Ok but Sophie pouring champagne into the bathtub is like totally something she would do.
- lee charlette -

4:26 her dress cute right
- Peyton Lee -

PC's walk from 4:12 has so much swag omg she's a queeeennn
- Aditya Malhotra -

Only one heart we are having how many times you will win it
- Akash Gajbhiye -

I love you jb
- Akash Gajbhiye -