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tht CAT iz BAAD!!!
- odeskoo -

Not to disparage Phillips, as he is an absolute master and among the top of my drumming influences, but Weckl owns this song by a mile.
- yumbus2 -

this guy knows its not the 80s anymore, right? every video of him is the same
- Short Span Attractions -

one of the coolest of cats!
- odeskoo -

Grate Drummer
- Sky Warrior -

- Raw Crush -
- Roberto Modenese -

He is my new idol
- Ida bagus anuraga kartika -

Number 1 , what groove and time sign of times.Thanks for the education on time and feel ,Simon *
- Eric Slingerland -

Oh wow.what a set.a perfect musician.
- justin odowd -

oh my friggin god~
Total eargasm.
- Bryan Park -

the god of drumming techniques hail
- Rifqi Daffa -

Damn, damn, damn...that is all I can say. What a friggin player!!!!! There are so many drummers out there with big recording contracts that can almost play as well as my 9 year old son, then you have a guy like this.
- Tony Marinelli -

No one else like him.
- Vegas Alien -

His hands are so smooth when transitioning so fast between drums!
- Hugh Zhang -

el mejor baterista del mundo simon que paso que ya no esta en toto 
- Glenn Garcia -

How is it possible to click thumbs down on this??? Musicianship, technique, creativity, great sounding instrument...
- Jan Egil Øverkil -

exactly like how I play it.....
- You are communicating with yourself -

one and only....Simply the best. He make drums sounds unbelievable good......WHo dislike that video?????
- Vladimir Novak -

Not bad.