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The flashing lights gave me a seizure but, the song gave me life
- Jerky Boy -

I want to be bif by a spider now

1:03 i didn’t know bill hader played for qotsa lol
- Cole Edmondston -

Right drummer, wrong voice
- Christian Belanger -

“Carefully, he’s a hero”
- Jonathan Allen -

That was great until josh started singing. Really half arsed that lol
- Shark Skull -

How did we go from Led Zeppelin,the mighty Van Halen to this kind of garbage music trend??? Mais oui,ouh là là!
- nicolas sosolic -

How fucking high was he asking him to bring spider man to them
- philip conboy -

careful, he's a hero
- ButtholeLazer -

I don’t think Spider-Man spoke English 🤣
- Jack Doyle -

- 54youcyan -

Josh Homme is such a good guitarist
- Jack Doyle -

That must have been Andrew Garfield
- Lars Ulrik -

Didn't know Bill Hader is in this band, this is insane
- Pop Cezar -

I love Josh, but Michael should sing this song!
- G P -

can't believe I was here live. Absolute highlight of the entire festival!
- tycho -

Jon Theodore is maybe the best drummer to have been in QOTSA up until now. The guy is such a beast
- PRSRod -

Lots of energy! THESE are icons!
- CuckiMan -

Weeey, como voltea todo incrédulo cuando le dice que vaya hacia el, ese men debió sentirse lo máximo
- Esaú Chacón -

What a fucking Band...what a fucking song...and the fucking Spider-man!!! I LOVE IT!!
- Edson Andrade Fran? -