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- Jesen Santos -

Favourite music and artists of all the BRITS!!LOL!
- Carolann Cannuli-Denton -

Class , kin love it
- Aaron50001 -

Thank you so much for sharing*
- nseight -

Love this song
- SouthernBelles -

- Giuseppe Greco -

61 yr old recovering cancer guy... CLASH are one of the Greatest EVER!!!! thx for posting this
- Robert Armstrong -

The Clash was Britain's version of the Doors to me.
- Daniel Asamota -

Hi.janie jones.3>
- Rio Rio -

Yesss One the Greatest bands in the world :)
- Spacejam Officiel -

rp61productions - you've done a good job; I thought it was the official video....
- Dave not Doug -

That's pure gold!
- Cleverson Martins -

brilliant, mate!
- Rui Cabral -

THE GREATEST ! And one of my all time favorite songs by them ! MICK with the hippy hair always kills me ! This is my teen years in a song / group
- gil wood -

Linfield fc
- Bill Moore -

Aaaaarrrggh... A fuckin grammerly ad. ON A CLASH VIDEO.
- William Bowman -

I never seen any of this video footage before. Great job
- david stanley -

Toute une époque vite réprimée aussi... Rip.
- Cat M -

The Clash were the ONLY survivors of the New Wave music scene. Why? Because they were fucking great and Joe Strummer was beyond his years. Hard to work for but was alright inside.
- T J -

These guys taught me more english vocabulary than all my school teachers. They did a good job.
- Grégory Parisot -