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Nobody gives a fuck about us until we give a fuck about ourselves. When we don't give a fuck about ourselves, everyone tries to give a fuck.
- LooNeY TuNeZ -

I give a fuck about all of you
- lee Watts L Hopeless -

Tupac was a smart and wise one. west side
- Davin Borges -

Was mike inspired by this or vise versa
- J Black -

Give a f about us 2pac toid us
- Jamahri Pope -

They dont
- Jamahri Pope -

Thanks i needed to hear this song is deep.
- A Warren -

Genis'- music
- Chantell Champange -

Illuminati did take him to sleep. And killed the outlawz movement. They won. And still don't give a fuck about us.sad as fuck
- Ice Lunatic -

One of my favotite songs of all time.

Levens les
- marlon sedney -

24 years old now been listening to this legend since i was 8 &my uncle always told me to listen to his lyrics carefully. "If i choose to ride, thuggin tilll the die i die nobody gives a fuck about us when i start ro rise a hero in they childrens eye, now they give a fuck abt us
- 666 Goblin -

Its all a trick they raped 2pac from day 1. Got him to sing these divide and conquer lyrics. They don't give a shit about white or black. They only want blacks hating whites and vice versa. They dont want us to unite and live in peace. They want all all control over us all. Ya they super smart and have us warring against each but the truth is we love and love each other. This lyrics deception make us believe our egos tho. Truth. Wake up please.
- polite sweet -

We all loved him but god loved him more RIP
- Mark A Norman Jr -

Lesane the realist to ever spit facts on the mic, imagine a pac and big album before them devils got involved.. fuck didddy or sissy whatever she goes by now
- Ryan Thompson -

See they never did but they won't to make us not give a fuck about your own brother your own kind wack up Black people. Yes my young people Pac should be a subject in the school's along with black people's history.
- Tron Rutland -

They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us‼️
- Mrs.Toni Thomas -

They still don't but I'm a live l talk loud Derrick Walker aka Dweezy l can finish some shit keep that comment A nigga I ain't forgot you know who I'm talking bout you should be keep my I'd I will finish it
- Derrick Walker -

- abdourahmane diallo -

Napoleon killed it .. better than pac verse ..
- Travis Bickle -