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Dope muthaphukkin ZHI5 only ya Dig🔥
- Domo Steward -

From wisdom to knowledge is what you will get from pac music. He lives forever through his music. The Goat.
- Charles harris -

Nobody gaves a fuck about us!
- Stani Tretch -

This is way beyond understanding Before it's time!
- craig sharp -

- \°^°/ -

FUcking Devils
- TT Parker -

They never will give a fuck about us!!!!!!!
- TT Parker -

Think about Napoleon now. I'm so happy to be able to catch up with outlawz through the vlad interviews
- dlo brown -

Seriously they don't give a fuck about us Mexicans/Latinos real fucking shit. U see it and hear it everywhere. Wake up man!!!
- HarshTimesTV -

- John Thomas -

Always loved the intro hail Mary beat and sadness suits the video
- T. Oneal -

i remember wenn they killed him...i was 12 years old, never stop listen him since then....
- yani argirov -

look up the yaki kadafi one its also good
- Camron Carlson -

Who still listening in 2019??!!!!! ??????
Tupac will always be the best rapper of all time!!
- Pj hustla -

Fuck all y'all you bitches ain't noting on the 90's kids you all a bunch of bitches that had kids without a daddy there to steer the way and ended up all too soft straight up truth.
- Alpha Scot -

ITS THA MUTHAFKCNG SONG! But we still cant do shit with it...Sorry Pac...RIP
- Jaime Herrera -

Been through a lot off shit in my life 2pacs music helped me through everything and can’t forget about god to.
- mash ahmed -

no one could ever replace this man ..
- nebulae10 -

Bitch ass snoop dog thought the Jamaicans were calling him “Snoop Lion”, when they were really saying “snoop lying”.
- I’m wrong because -

join the Facebook Group Youth against at the NWO
- dante dunne jr -