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I am amazed by martins use of notes. even more complex tracks like "walking my shues" everything was there. just needed polishing. I did read that the band asked mart to do less in demo after music for the masses as he pretty much made the complete sound. Alan did add alot but i do think he gets overplayed
- BlipBeat -

I love the sound. My heart is forever DM 🔊
- Mezzo Viola -

For some odd reason I can see this as one of those early Beatles song's with Lennon and McCartney harmonizing
- Thomas Gary -

- Melody Montana -

... ach ich liebe diese Depeche Demos. Martin ist einfach genial und Dave gibt dann den Songs seine ganz eigene Note. Sooooooooo klasse <3
- Marco -

I dunno why but I prefer this version
- Laurie Durand -

- Broken Promise -

"With or without words I'll confide everything..." Those lyrics.  That got me back when I was in high school listening to it and even now many years later. Damn, I love this song and Black Celebration.. I have always loved this band, still do and always will... <3 <3 <3
- XO Armendariz -

I heard, it was originally titled "Colors and Shapes"
- Zoltan Frombach -

oh and have you noticed that very final chord on 4:24??
- croonologist -

isso e belo !!!
- Maiara Monique Santos Souza -

Menuda instrumentalizacion le metió Alan Wilder al tema!!!!! Sin duda toda la calidad de las canciones de Martín se le deben al el.
- Manuel Carballo -

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.... these demo songs (voice+drums+keys) are something to put Volume on max. on Your stereo.
- Vladimir Ivkovic -

Unique original tunes like this deserves massive reeespect..! ;-o ! It's nice to hear this being played because as with you it has had a profound influence on my life, very inspirational stuff! thanks for the upload! It's cool to connect :)
- TheyMadeMonsters -

Love the change to body and soul come together better. Its a more sexual and relatable lyric to the songs subject 
- evilspin -

- Relevo Gravações -

~♥~ THANK YOU for uploading THAT Song! ~♥~
- Joey Watzlawek -

it would be interesting to hear more demos.. From this one it is clear that Martin apart from the song basics (lyrics, vocal melody, chords), also created the majority of the arrangements that will end up on the album version. The song is basically all here, apart from the production touches.
- HortusMedia -

Yep. That's why these days their sound isn't as refined. They still don't bother, but there's no one there to take over the duty.
- DepModMuffin -

I agree with that. Alan was great, but in my opinion seem overrated compared to Martin and Dave. Having followed the group from the early 1980s, I find it strange to read about how Alan sort of was the genious of the band. Well, if not for Vince, the group might not have lived long enough to release any material. And then, if not for Martin, they likely wouldn't have songs good enough to release albums.
- beitos44 -