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This song never gets old...
- Kitty Sinfield -

- Chalo XD uwu -

- Khalnayak Shah -

Go to Russia!
- Dmitriy Kuzmin -

1:04 love the step
- dreckigsterdan -

Holy fuck, Hans Zimmer course!
- Chili Pepper -

Bruh the captions are Mr Brightside haha epic
- The Almighty Hotdog -

The captions, what the actual frick
- Dylan does stupid crap -


- 前奏Loot Edits -

Why is the subtitles mr.brightside?
- crissymanPD -

im so happy i didn't forget this
- Nightmare00988 -

i know i heard this in a game a while ago and i need to know which game so i can complete the nostalgia
- Gem Sty -

My brain at midnight: Hey remember this song? This song you haven't heard in years? Listen to it. Listen to it now.
- 71Y833R江承祐 -

被極速speed up 引過來的按個讚吧
- 幫我留言告訴我的缺點已改進低端玩家台 希望能增強實力 -

- Willy R. Montiel -

Somebody told me that you were an Alien that was left here from a long time ago.  Never thought I'd let a rumor ruin my whole life.  But heaven ain't close in a place like this Earth...Bring it back down, bring it back down tonight...Never thought I'd let a rumor come to Life!
- 7headsofdragon -

Singing it in karoeke is a must.
- Jason Francis -

- Sigge 070 -

Everyone is hoping for a full fledged earned Faction Reputation Real World Usable Item This Christmas.- Death Knight Flask Amen!
- Fernando Radillo -

Getting back into my middle school music phase at 23? I can see that, but this time I'm not depressed.
- Cecilia Ugalde -