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The second episode of the RAINING series 💕
listen to RAINING IN TOKYO here -
- the bootleg boy -

yo i want a gf
- Diego Chicot -

In case you haven't noticed, the antenna on the roof is blinking
- Mide Benjamin -

Life isn’t what it’s made up to be. I just want to get away. Forever
- Cherie -

God I just feel so cozy and at safe in this video. this video just like a home
- Kayra -

This mix just hits different idk...
- Ines Moeritz -

We can’t go back
- Scarlett Leong -

can i use video not audio
- mcDusty -

ngl the loneliest lofi video. im making some sleep deprived art and this is great
- Arlen Basil -

K - I still miss you so much.
- TheLatinGQ -

I adore everyone in the lofi community
- Sai- -

Why is the world so cruel to the kindest people?
- Ya Boi Winston -

A nice person doesn't fear the hurt, kindness takes fearless risks.... and person that hurts is most in fear of being hurt... so always has plan to be the one to hurt as a method of survival... a good person fall pray to them, but then believes they chose it, this is also part of the others method to hind their true intention... the truth is, a good person isn't in that mind so never notices a persons true intention
- Liam Hebden -

You know I recently noticed that people of the lofi community are people that would be fun to hang out with in real life, but can't due to location problems- would be nice tho
- Min Lee -

Man it’s already been 2 years since I heard that for the first time and I’m still coming back to this masterpiece
- Luf -

I will never forget about this community.
It helps me go through hard times, calming myself down and telling me that everything is gonna be okay.
- Willy Wijaya -

- João Caetano -

- ばかだ君は -

I really can’t help reminiscing about my past when listening to this.

I met this girl about 3 years ago whilst I was on my gap year. My friends and I just arrived in Sydney, Australia and as we were just about to go to our hotel, I met this white haired waiter with ocean eyes in a cafe. I remember how we caught eyes for an instance and everything around us just stood still. We got each others details and nearly every night I would wait outside that cafe until 11:00 pm just to see her and walk her home.

I didn’t want her to know I was only there for a couple of weeks so I lied and said my family just moved here. We finally got a whole day together no thanks to the busy schedule she had. We went to a local theme park and the last thing she wanted to go on was the Ferris wheel. I don’t know if she planned it or not but as we got to the top, we could see the sunset simmering down on everything. She turned to me and held my hand, she looked down and said “I really like you, like really really like you”. I knew what she was trying to say so I took a leap and said “I love you too”. She buried her head on my chest and held me tightly as the Ferris wheel took its course...

We hung out every chance we got and she even introduced me to her family. I think I broke her heart when I told her I’ll be leaving in a couple of days. She gave me a cold shoulder every time I saw her from then. I told myself that I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t give me a proper send off, not as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as true lovers so I was shocked to see her waiting for me in the airport. We caught eyes just like the time we first met. She said her farewells and made me promise her that I would come back.

It’s been about 3 years now and I’m starting to feel self conscious. I keep on thinking that I have left it too late and she’s moved on but for some reason, I know she’s still waiting. I’ve just graduated from my university in Toronto and I’m planning on surprising her next month.
Wish me luck...

Update 1: Thank you for all the support. Its confirmed I’m heading back to Sydney in 6 days instead of a month! All of you have motivated me and now I’m much closer to her than I was 4 days ago when I first shared my story, next update will probably be when I’m with her, hopefully. I’ve just brought tickets and I’m heading to LAX on Tuesday next week. If I haven’t updated you all in at least 8 days then I guess it’s safe to say that my experience of feeling lonely, feeling forgotten and feeling ashamed was a lesson to never let your soulmate go, even if you have to go through hell and back. Well, goodbye for now...

Update 3: Hello everyone, this will be a short update. Don’t be worried though, yes I’m in Sydney, and no I haven’t been able to meet her yet, this was expected anyway. I went back to the cafe I met her in seeing if she was still working there. Turns out, she quit her job a couple of months after I parted with her 3-4 years ago. Her boss said she just wasn’t the same after I left, she would always turn up late to her shifts and would be rude to customers, I know I’m the cause of that.
I went back to her parents house if she was there, when they opened the door they recognised me straight away. Her mother started crying whilst her dad gave me the death stare. He said my full name and gave me a hug. He said after I left, she became more motivated to follow her own dreams so she moved away with only the money she saved up from her work from the cafe. They said she told them she was going Melbourne. I had dinner at their house and we talked about everything that happened to her after I moved away, how she cut her long luscious hair, how she even dyed her hair but dyed it back because she didn’t like it brown, how she completely changed her clothes and how she started smoking for a couple of months but quit because everyone was worried about her. I know I was the cause of everything bad that happened to her.
Her parents offered me to stay the night but I told them that I couldn’t burden them anymore, I also apologised to them for leaving their daughter so hastily and giving her false hope. They gave me a hug and told me that she was still waiting for me before waving me goodbye, I hope she is.
Well, I’m in a hotel right now and I’m about to leave to go to Melbourne, I missed Sydney, I forgot how beautiful this place was. I keep telling myself that she’s still waiting to ease my mind. Next update will be in a couple of hours. I haven’t lost hope yet. See yall later.

Update 4: it’s 3:30am in Melbourne, I’m in bed and right next to me, I can feel her breath bouncing off my skin. I’m holding back the tears and I’m struggling to text through my phone. She hasn’t changed at all... Just to think that around 12 hours a ago, I was doubting myself so much that a part of me wanted to head back home and now, the love of my life is in the same bed as me, we’re so close to touching each others hands, like in 2014.
Honestly, I forgot how we met again. I just remember running into the ladies toilets in a car park convincing the girl to get out of the cubicle so she can face me again. I remember crying and smiling at the same time, I remember her punching my chest, calling me selfish whilst tears and her makeup was staining my shirt. I think I’ve never said the word sorry so many times in a minute. But now, all these things don’t matter.
Lani is safe, she’s doing well and she’s with me. That’s all. All my efforts feel redeemed, all my doubts turned to happiness, all my worries has turned to just mere thoughts in my mind. I feel balanced. I feel thrilled, I feel like I can finally be at peace with myself.
I’ll tell you all how I’m in this situation already in the morning. I’m tired and I just want to enjoy sleep again. Have a good one.

Update 5: I guess it really is true that patience is a virtue. Having patience means having some sort of discipline, where you can command yourself to sit there and let time go past; wether it’s a couple of minutes, couple of hours, days, weeks months and even years, having patience will always end in something good. Even if you aren’t the type of person, you’ve read this much and hopefully my experiences have convinced you that something is truly out there, bigger than you or something much more meaningful.
Anyways, Lani lives in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other people, she didn’t want me to sleep on the couch because one of her friends had sex on it with her boyfriend so I guess I didn’t have much of a choice sharing a bed a with her. It’s no big deal, after our first meet in more than 3 years, it felt like I was still on my gap year, we went to a restaurant to talk about some things. She hasn’t matured, but acts like it. Her sense of humour is still the same, her laugh has always been ugly, sounds uglier if she tries to hide it actually. But she’s developed a real sense of professionalism, which I find so attractive. She’s a primary school teacher and she’s so passionate about it. She also told me her feelings about me have been mixed but she’s starting to slowly revert back to 2014, I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I told her don’t reflect on the past, focus on the future but I’m not leaving you the same way I did 3-4 years ago, she kissed me on the cheek. She said she can see the guilt in my eyes and told me not to worry about it anymore. After that, we went back to her apartment and that was update 4. Nothing really happened yesterday, she said she’ll leave me alone for a while to let me catch up on sleep and work but I don’t want her to. My jet lag is as bad as the state of her room, but I don’t mind. Sorry this update is short. She said she wants me to go to the cinemas with her later, our first date as adults. Peace. (Had to cut update 2 out, it wasn’t important, it was just me rambling on about my troubles).
- ばかだ君は -

Go to sleep sweet prince
- Chrono Trigger -