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Is it just me or is her song just better
- Iziah LeGarda -

Kill yourself dude geez dude. Oh I did a movie an nowni think in a band.. Oh cool? What happen to oh what's what's up I'm finna be there right now kell!!! Now it's oh sir why thank you in white now not trying to be black.
- NaziBlackAsianDude I am a turtles ass hole -

Why did this all of sudden come in my recommendations in 2019.
- Taelor Alsina -

Digging it! Repping the Land❀️
- Sarah Carnell -

He Is so damn sexy 🀀🀀
- Shelby Mariah -

In my opinion, I have a feeling that The beginning was inspired by the In Bloom music video by nirvana.
- amber dawn -

Everyone says I look like him but I don’t see it. Yeah I’m tall, white,skinny, bone structure similar and covered in tattoos.... ok maybe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
- Zack B -

how the fuck can he be so hot and talented like damn
- Astrid Heart -

Damn I love your song dude😍
- Dessy Assan -

- Watchinyou2 -

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- Matthew Mizell -

It's a great concept for a video and that shit the manager was saying before he got you out of the dressing room was funny but his greetings to the band as they came out had me dieing!!!!
"Nice to see you again,I've never met you...πŸ˜‚
Like comment if that shit made you laugh as well..
- Lorenzo Del Real -

Like: mgk
Comment: eminem
- fuck you -

Like bro
- Jo Jo -

This is way of sing song
- Jo Jo -

well daaaaamn son.. mgk should do more like this... this suits him better than rap..
- Mar Ius -

So in the beginning of let me go he says so what's up D and my name Is Dakota mgk has nothing to do so they gotta be talking about me I'm famous
- dax Henderson -

That 2..3..4 followed by the instrumental... to keep it simple I had to pull over to enjoy this song fully.
- Angel Z -

I love mgk 😘
- Jennifer Thrush -

Please always do rock music i really love it.
- Budki War -