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OK-- Now I gotta watch Saturday Night Fever!!! All I can think about while hearing this song is the awesome love between Tony and Stephanie!
- Angry Birdz -

que temaaaa qloo y pensar q ahora tenemos una basura llamada bad boony jajajajajaja , q epocas de caca q vivimos ahora
- Damaged -

Might be the greatest song of all time
- Davo -

- Matheus Lima -

Mais alguém em novembro de 2019?
- Cristiane Criss -

I never understand how drugs or stress can destroy people who produced such great music. It's a tragic what happened to Gibbs Brothers.
- Thami Mhlanga -

¡Cuando tengo encante! Quand J'ai adorer ! When I have love!
- Ozzy, Honey and me! -

fawless. Tantos recuerdos en una canción
- Beatriz Pacheco -

Favorit pisan ieu lagu
- Wagi Wagista -

Me enamore de Fernando, mi viejito con esta canción
- ana maria campos gutierrez -

Boys and girls, no need to insert date, and ask if you're still listening; this song is timeless!
- ferreira rubems -

Biopic is in the works! I hope it turns out great and worthy tribute to the legendary band.
- Budi Gunawan -

One of the best romantic songs ever !!! 🎶🤩🎶🎶😍
- Cecilia Rejas -

How deep?
- Cubas Restaurant -

How deep is your Love hang gang ngyun dimo parin ako sinsagot hay naku
- Bong bong Tayamen -

I wish i’lll find love because I am bored in my room and I need getting married 👰🏼 I would sing this song to my husband I need him around my arms
- Crystal Dodge -

Jamás olvidaré esta música 😔
- Rakel Ramirez -

Sabes que estás envejeciendo cuando un bee Gee te parece guapo.
- Tupior Pesadilla Laboral -

Remember in 2019, buen tema, un clásico 🎧
- PRODIGY 29 -

My dad listens to these songs every morning so I grew up appreciating songs of the 60s-80s. I miss listening to songs that don't talk about sex and objectifying women.
- Jimin's Eye Smile x Multi Kpop Fan -