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Anyone else here from finding a random Bee Gees CD in a car they just bought?
- Ethan Singh -

It's really romantic 🥰
- Takoyami -

- Berit Samuelsson -

Now that I am old enough, I came here to say it’s a beautiful song!
- ZeroTwo -

soft song bees gees love .com
- Deniseleanne Avila -

Most played in some radio stations here in the philippines.
- Erick Tolentino -

awe how cool
- Brooke Horton -

Listening in 28/05/2020 from brazil ♥️ i love bee gees
- pvinicius1060 -

I remember the days when you had to wait for good videos like this to play, now we can watch them as many times as we like
- godekul -

Sorry that i m a type of romantic, but i love the melody.. it brings me back to my teenager ‘s moment
- Thao Thai -

Br em 2020 aqui ?
- Canal do Charles -

Mayo 27/2020 en plena cuarentena
- Erid Peralta -

Escuche la versión de Frusciante antes que esta
- Paolo Gutierrez -

I love you Juanita Wenceslao I will see you again someday. I'm looking forward to it.
- Marjoree . -

Hermosa canción... 😁😍
Una de las elegidas para bailar los lentos 🎶💃🎶
Me la dedicaron, lástima que a otras chicas también!! 😔
Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷😁😷
- Viviana Santillán -

Brasil Love Bee Gees
- Henrique Rodrigues -

Eu não faço a menor ideia de como eu vim para aqui mas eu gostei muito
- Bruno Mello -

Here it is 2020 and I still love these songs.
- Charles Atkinson -

Don't need to have a girlfriend, all ya need is a soft unhardened heart.
- Charles Atkinson -

Brasileiros com bom gosto será q ainda existe ? Covid 19 vamos te vencer 🔥
- Maax Street niggaz -