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Like how the lyrics don't make sense - but rather create mood and atmosphere. Like Beat Poetry more than standard song lyrics
- trev moffatt -

Pink Floyd breath
- Izzy Ustunel -

My daughter phoned me a couple of years back to say she was listening to The Clash and for some reason Paper planes by MIA came on. She was not pleased and had a wee rant. The thing I took out of it was my 22 year old, at the time, was listening to The Clash, in her own flat. That is super proud dad moment right there. This parenting malarky can bring tears of joy to you even when their grown ups.
- Andy Kyle -

The only decent song on an otherwise predominantly corporate American focussed soft rock album. Combat Rock was when The Clash went bad.
- Josh Fourteen -

Is it wrong to post this to Linked-In?
- Tara Gragg -

I like reading the comments because i learn about history. The clash were conscious about war, politics and stuff.
- Painkiller -

✌my dear Father &I's song💯 Love you Forever 💖 HAHAHA
- Ambet Humpheys -

Reggae influenced heavy...
Lumi d...uh oh...

Naw it’s no about Vietnam It’s a memory
- Calum Johnstone -

I like the extended version here, taken from The Clash on Broadway 3 cd set. North America.
- Bill Carson -

U know at the start of Mia paper planes, it sounds like that

MIA followed on with paper planes...
- caroline braniffmatthews -

Lumi D

Are these just random words thrown together to make a song?

I heard he recorded himself talking in his sleep after smoking Mexican ayahyasca leaves, to write this song.
- IqbalHamid -

Ya wanna play mind crazed banjo on the druggy drag ragtime usa
- Michael Pigott -

Where Theresa May & her bunch of cunt government is going. Bastards
- You Joker -

papppa san does not recognize your immigrant ass ...
- kurt feil -

straight to heaven with this song!
- ANorthernListeningLad -

One of my favourite songs ever. So haunting and the lyrics and well everything x
- Martin Wedge -

I remember listening to these guys driving down the road when I was younger,my parents would put them on and it would calm me. Good times.
- Hellhoundz -