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This song always brought tears, now I know why. Thanks for the lyrics. Peace. Out.
- Mike Bunyak -

Joe tip this hat to Dylan with “coke a cola!
- Andrew Moore -

Is this Topper on drums??
- Chip Schmidt -

One of three very underrated songs, along with Inoculated City and Carjamming, from the Combat Rock album.
- Harry Casper -

They should play this on the HORRIBLE HISTORIES programme.
At least it's truthful (for a change).
- Redlioness 2019 -

Bring me to 1982 :c
- Jan Karol Kwaśny -

Wilson (expensive mistakes) anyone?
- Hairiv -

I looked up MIA Paper Planes. THAT is a totally different song. The Clash had this out first. I remember hearing that MIA Group when that song came out. They are not even the same tempo. They are good for what they do, however, they are NOT The Clash.
- Laredo Lenny -

Timeless masterpiece
- slagpharter -

- Jan Karol Kwaśny -

No se pueden perder esta versión en castellano. Creo que le hace justicia total!!! Denle una oportunidad, en serio.
- Valeria Messina -

What are some of their other best songs
- Kanwar Anand -

A former colony too.
- Tara Gragg -

Awww Joe....
- Michelle D -

Wrong. The song is about robbing a cash register, bang bang bang and take your money.
- joshua schmit -

remember GP?
bell south
- Robert Thomason -

Can we Google map to Hell ?
- Herve Dehais -

What a beautiful song makes me cry
- armando padilla -

“Lemme tell you bout your blood, bamboo kid, it ain’t Coca-Cola, it’s rice.”
One of my favorite lyrics ever.
- Taylor Owen -

I wore the grooves out on this record when I was a kid.
- John Sevigny -