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Ah yes the song about a kid finding out ron pearlman is his dad
- Iain Kilcar -

Soothing Gwan Mick Jones
- Mark Mcgrath -

Bloody hell, When people say that the Clash are just some old punk rock band i laugh at them.
They are so much more and they do so many interesting songs with good motives
This one even makes me tear up sometimes,
- Free TNT Pilot -

The vamps muchachos line ...
- Jesse Wolter -

It anit Coca Cola its rice.
- Jon Morgan -

It is both a testament to the talent of the band and an indictment of our society that this song remains as relevant as when it was first written.
- Matt Thornburg -

YouTube’s new comment location can go to hell.
- Victor Pantoja -

I fly like paper, get high like planes
- IAGT -

Världens bästa låt??någon?
- MrSambillabong -

It's not coca cola but rice.
- N. E. Barton -

I cant tell if this is a different version or my record skips the bit about alphabet city.
- Sam Day -

2020...nobody comes close.
- Corey James -

- kollo duke -

The song is uniquely amazing. Both the beat and lyrics are haunted me.
- Trân Lê -

This song is such a relief to the bullshit of my life !
- Bill Carson -

Ladbroke Grove shaped these guys and their influence. Reggae & Punk were the protest music of the time. Don Letts influenced them a lot. They were skateboarders too. I treaded their path in ROyal Oak Skatepark 2 decades after they skated there. The finest Punk band of their time.
- Troy Lewis -

This is Poetry sons, and after 35 years everything is still the absolut truth!!
- rmcduarte -

I hadn't realized how much Mia had been inspired (if not " had plagiarised") her music "paper planes" from this... Or we just call it sampling...
- MrDiagorasofmelos -

Paper planes was a bit of a cover
- joe pesci -

One diagnostic difference between Nazis and Native Americans is that the latter always gotz its tongue in its cheek nowadays. You'da thought Nazis would have developed the habit when they lost WWII... except that their rise to power in California made them forget how to communicate behind enemy lines. Thanks - to all of my Nazi friends and family, for teaching me deep sarcasm. I no longer pick on Commies. Somebody else can have fun with that.
- Foxon Thestand -