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- Alexander The Great -

Hey!!! The Clash were REALLY REALLY great socialists weren't they? Well fuck me!! Joe Strummer left £2.75 million in his will! So..........? Hang on? Why didn't he give it away to "socialist" society's or causes?? Its ALL bullshit!! Playing the game bullshit just like Geldof Bono and Sting!!! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!
- Alexander The Great -

America was never the same after vietnam..the decline of American politics and values. In wwii at least we knew what we were fighting for...
- Vinyl Fiend668 -

most under rated band of all time
- Mark Smith -

when I die, this song will be played at my funeral.
- roberto locatelli -

thank you SO much for posting this..... frickin' UNREAL version of what was already one of the best songs ever recorded
- tubebeaver1 -

I went straight to Hell Boy and all I got was a cheesy photo, followed by a bald man in glasses confiscating it and giving me $2 to say nothing. 🤷?♂️☹️
- The Cortege -

Fuck me! It made me cry...!?
- Steeve Daw -

- Steeve Daw -

There used to be a dance party in Chicago that spun “the 80s.” 4 AM, the DJ played Straight to Hell, and all the youngsters cleared the floor... it was just us whatever we ares dancing the floor, biting our lips and holding each other’s arms as we shared the greatest moment. YES!
- btwentwo -

theres a lot of OMD in this track
- Gareth Belk -

This is up there near "Heroin"by the Velvet underground.
- Steeve Daw -

Our generation that knew the Clash get this immediately.
- Steeve Daw -

81 knobs at time of writing.
- Steeve Daw -

Fuck me.. I AM lost in a supermarket.
- Steeve Daw -

Best Clash song ever????
- Steeve Daw -

I forgot about this song and found it randomly...holy shit the Clash were great.
- Kim Lynn -

The bass drum is Joe lying on the studio floor banging the drum with a wine bottle.
- James Andrew -

Strummer should have been pope! I’m actually in hell at the moment... but The Clash got me through the torture of going to The Vatican today to see the Piss tine Chapel to appease my husband. What a load of twaddle-such a wankoff display of wealth from the God Squadders when people on the planet are so poor. Thank absentee landlord small g god for THE MIGHTY CLASH!!!!
- Sarah Gale -

Brian Quinn go straight to Hell. boy!
- Geoffrey Snyder -