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- korosu -

Wow I love you need to calm down by M.I.A.
- Robin -

In the Winter of 1982, The Clash did an extensive tour of southeast Asia. The cover art from the album, "Combat Rock" was taken during this tour. It is obvious that the tour had an enormous affect on the band and it influenced their songwriting for the "Combat Rock" album.
- George Klein -

The Clash 1976 - 1983 ( '84, '85 and '86 was NOT The Clash )
- George Klein -

Their best song. How they came to write this I would love to know as it's so different from their other songs. Brilliant lyrics too. Thanks for writing the lyrics poster.
- Kk Oo -

This is the best song on probably the worst clash album which is still one of the top 50 albums ever. They were that fucking good.
- Oh HaiPuppy -

Want to join the abolition blues as on the abolishment of slavery, during the time of continued Indian genocide, exploitation and the slavery of blacks, the Chinese owned sweatshops, opium dens and sold prostitutes to whites, Indians and blacks were also used as prostitutes but in a completely different way, in other words rarely paid during that period the Chinese were the largest exporter and importer of drugs and explosives and women, the Chinese colonized many Sarawak countries and also took slaves, in fact the the colonisation of China by Britain is only cercumstancial since China once practiced the same colonialism as any monarchal imperial dynasty like England, its "want to join in the chorus of the Abolition Blues" as in the Abolition Of Slavery Act in America, that lyric had been changed just like that band who song about people praying to the sky and them hating because they think their like gods, people change lyrics all the time especially when they find themselves living amongst another generation or beliefs of new or reborn era, example that band would have never foreseen a black president in America, people change crap when get pegged by someone with long memories
- C w C Lites -

Whomever wrote this understood abandonment.
- David Pring -

I fly like paper get high like pla… wait what.
- Jack Seversen -

What is this?!? Best version of this tune I ever ever heard.
- Chris Lindsay -

is there anybody out there?
- Kim Carroll -

I had no idea this is what M.I.A. Sampled
- Planet Piss -

- Juani Ortelli -

Never heard this version of song, is the original version? Ivr never heard the vamanos muchacho line before
- Robert Pistole -

IF you can play on a fiddle hows about a british jig and reel
- mark tony lindo -

- Tibor Novak -

Joe was an amazing lyricist - Mick had the melodic chops. A perfect team. Joe always regretted firing Mick.
- mikron -

A profoundly beautiful song the passion joe sang with is incredible
- redhotchilifan98 -

Para mi, esta es la mejor banda de todos los tiempos y este su mejor tema...
MrsImASecretNinja, muchas gracias por subir esta versión que no conocía.
- Juan Cho -

Esta canción es la rajaaaaaa ctmreeeee, 😈😈😈
- Vivi Músic -