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RIP Reckful
- Harry Wilsher -

RIP Reckful. I can relate to this movie and this song.
- Rick P -

Like si vez esto en 2020
- Stargamer17ProXD -

The first minute is magikal
- Smmm Dddd -

My girlfriend and I broke up 10 months ago. I miss her truly and I just can't hide my feelings for her. When we leave us, I promissed her I would find her and marry her and take her to Japan for honey moon. This movie remembers me of her, because she likes Japan, this movie and because of my promise.
Years ago this song produced me great calm, and still it does but now she is present.
- Antonio Rico -

R.I.P Byron Bernstein a.k.a Reckful ♡
- Lindie Raw Footage -

This song sounds like rain falling. I have loved Air since their first album.
- Rainbowveins79 -

Young Scarlett Johansson in Coppola's Lost in Translation ranks second on my young celebrities in beautiful movies youth crushes, behind only gorgeous Liv Tyler in Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty, which also, what a soundtrack
- Maria Teresa Vieira -

Best kollegah outro
- drz tom drz -

This image is captivating something about it
- Mitesh Raja -

Kollllööööööö outro
- christoof you -

Ey du siehst den Boss im Beamer...
- Jakob -

Kollegah Outro 🔥🔥🔥
- Mrs Wanda OG -

I love this music
- Gisele Sena -

Hey! If you like this, you might like the band Jaggy Fox and Refuge:
- Joshua Ewalt -

I mean... DAMN.
- yeah ok sure -

That first photo of Bill Murray is perfect combined with this music is perfect.

I've found myself alone in hotel rooms in mega cities. That feeling of being so lonely but also the most free I have ever felt. The absurdity of being surrounded by a culture that is not your own and wondering why you ended up there. The realization that there are so many places and people out there in the world that live such different lives to your own. Then meeting someone to share those experiences with for a few fleeting moments. Going home will never be the same.

This music and Lost In Translation capture that mood perfectly.
- DDthesecond -

good song to commit crimes too
- King Lurch -

Wait.. Ill be there in a few months!!
- Geovanni Villegas -

I close my eyes while listening to this and I feel like flying.
- Dea Amoilmare -