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just found this song. Loved Lost In transition, have to check the movie out again, this song is so beautiful
- Louis Gray -

I believe mother nature causes Gained in translation
- ashwadhwani -

- Lucio Sette -

- tita vaughns -

Stare at Scarlett Johanson long enough and you hear her whispers
- saul roth -

When I imagine going to Japan, I come back here.
- Ricki L -

"Velcome to House of Atoz booty labiatory"
- Data Lore -

who's here from RainyMood?
- Josh Herbert -

Alone - everywhere
- Darin Attard -

Her best film.
Bill's best film.
- Shattering delusions -

This moments are special
- Aaron Jory -

This is giving me Teardrop/House MD Theme with some Twilight Princess soundtrack. Love it <3
- Andrea Elizabeth -

January 2007 anyone?
- Ed Bedhead -

I was alone in Japan while traveling last 2 years ago and one of the best memories of my life.
- Rachel Sablada -

We are all alone, together.
- atman343 -

Overheard my brother listening to this song and I really believed he was listening to a Minecraft soundtrack
- Sinq -

This is a wonderful tune.
Does it sound oriental, or is it...
illegally implanted motifs by major record labels, like say the David Bowie productions?

Is it me or are we kept from knowing what our true biologies are?

* * *

These cats are cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž.
- Lee Morris -

- Antonio david Lopez galvan -

alone in HCM ct
- Phรกt Trแบงn Vฤƒn -

Listening to this with rain on the window on a beautiful boat, wind pulling at the ropes, watching a rain spattered river on its endless journey.