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I was once alone in Swindon, but I was ok.
- Anthony L -

sadness is a beautiful thing.
- ben row -

Can there be a video with just the first bit? That glittery noise is so cool 😵
- Greek Freak -

I keep returning to this song. It has become a being now. Lovely
- Olive Oil -

Kyoto is an anagram of Tokyo. You're welcome.
- Liam Hardy -

It is 2015. I am standing by the river. I am away from home for the first time in my life. The previous night I turned in two essays that I had due for university. I barely slept. I am taking a day to recover from the stress. I am standing by the river. I walked for forty minutes down the river path to the village. It is drizzling rain. "Alone in Kyoto" is playing through a pair of Audio Technica headphones I take everywhere with me. I am standing by the river. A woman on a bicycle with a basket on the front rides past me. I breathe deeply. I wonder if I'm cut out for university. Part of me wants to drop out and go back to the safety and comforts of home. I am standing by the river. I feel a sense of inner peace wash over me. I walk back to my flat, make myself lunch and spend the rest of the day in bed.

It is 2019. Four years later and I'm older. Time passes so slowly but so quickly all at the same time. University is a distant memory now. I sit on the precipice, on the cusp of a new decade. About a year and a half ago I graduated with full honours and I'm currently in and out of temp jobs. Looking for old tunes I stumble on this one and pop it on. The soft melody begins to play. I see water and wind gently bend the grass.

It is 2015. I am standing by the river.
- hotelmario510 -

Lost in traslation, es la metáfora perfecta del enamoramiento. Esa frase... perdidos en traslado, es lo que les pasa a los protagonistas, están perdidos pero encuentran a otro perdido que los acompaña, Las actuaciones son una verdadera gloria. los escenarios y el guión, tienen un cuidado y un trabajo impresionante. cada escena está tratada con una magia y un profesionalismo tan fino que convierten a la película en un cuadro con movimiento.
- rock it out man sing the song today -

Visited japan recently, this song reminds me not of the kyoto temples like in the movie with johanssen, but of the train stations and the hidden neighborhoods. They make you feel very alone. I was thinking "someones entire childhood takes place in this area which I'm just passing through within ten minutes."
- mineragua -

Trop cool de faire un commentaire en français.
- Gérardito -

i thot she is Scarlett Johanson!
- Arpit Srivastava -

It's raining outside. And I'm listening to this magical music 😍
- Neila Amelia -

Air are genius
- priya musu -

Great song and great film.
- Alex Cannon -

- Nouhaila Zrigui -

Great movie ❤
- Cinemaster -

Natasha romanof is still alive
- Idyllic Sounds -

Lol Pleasuredrom song in Waterloo
- Requies Art -

What goes up , must come down...
- Ariwakikilla -

just found this song. Loved Lost In transition, have to check the movie out again, this song is so beautiful
- Louis Gray -

I believe mother nature causes Gained in translation
- ashwadhwani -