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Isnt this one of the minecraft duke box discs?
- Matthew Harry -

Is this really what Kyoto sounds like? It sounds like Age of Empires to me
- Lawn Hawke -

- Retro always wins -

Who's here from the Camp Cast? :)
- Brooke Darrow -

I was alone in Kyorto. My late husband left me in a Sushi bar when I got drunk on Saki. I fell down the stairs leaving the place. He looked and then laughed while running out. He caught a Pedi cart and went back to the hotel. I found him in our room with a Geisha. Wow what a night we all had....from what I remember of it.....!
- Billie Bob Norton III -

I love this song for more than one reason 💗💗💗
- Jharena Cornelius -

I love these reclusive and calm parts of youtube. A place to let your mind wonder and just think for yourself no pressure or hectic stuff just you and beautiful music...
- Ultimecia -

Une musique magnifique et légère idéalement sublimée par le charme d'une Scarlett Johanson en mode simple et naturelle, il ne faut rien de plus...
- Arnaud Heine -

One of the very best bands of the 1990s
- Jogobonito1234 -

Looking at the poster picture. It was a scene that the biggest creature on earth the long necked dinosaur was on digital display, walking alone. She walks across the crosswalk, with white jacket, black short. Pink/red top and blue shoes. Clear umbrella, completely exposed. She belongs to the strongest species on earth, she is alone. The complete new but safe environment gives both young and the mature an opportunity to be alone, to view human life as an alien, to ponder upon what they have done and should be in the future.
- Miller Four -

The song is great, also the whole music theme of the film is: Air, My Bloody Valentine, it’s so fantastic. And large part of the scenes and pictures is something beautiful, depicting Tokyo at night (freaking cool) and Kyoto. But the plot and the story are so prosaic, insignificant, that is almost difficult watching the movie. Sofia Coppola is light and dark.. very boring plot but beautiful atmosphere. I can suggest Wong Kar Wai’s movies, wonderful both in plot (and philosophy) and atmosphere. There I found everything to give those movies a 10.
- Matteo Baldocchi -

WOW love the ocean waves in the background 😔
- Cheeky Cupcake -

Music influences ppl's behaviour. This comment section proves it.
- glancedUpTV -

- Fabian Reichardt -

Близко, даже невероятно как можно рождаясь на другом материке быть рядом) Спасибо всей семье Френсиса, вы создали замок НЕСРУШИМЫЙ!
- Lora Ryabaya -

Can't lie the first time I heard this I cried like a child mostly because I repressed my emotions for so god damn long I had I mentally broke down a day before that and I'm considering some time to myself and no one else just so I can cry like that again cause it felt great when I was done
- warden creed -

''I can't sleep''
- MissMichSan -

I'm stuck. Does it get easier?
- Sade Hillukkala -

It's so comforting to have others via their movies and soundtracks (just like Lost In Translation) make you feel in ways you didn't know you could, because it means you're ultimately not alone in those utmost profound feelings
- Alvslife -

“유튜브의 어느 한 구석은 꽤 평화롭고, 차분합니다.”
- Yoquk -