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Love that guy in suit wow ❤
- Jimmy Ibbott -

Who came here just bc of the kakarot song parody from Prince Vegeta channel?
- Ish James -

- Geraldo Pantoja -

Are they dancing to Haddaway ?
- Halcyon Days -

- Бакытжан Уркимбаев -

sven otten ❤ and that sexy girl in the driveway 😘
- blaze -

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
- theflyingstonemason 68 -

Génial!!!! j'adore la musique et les danseurs sont supers

Just seen it boooom
- Robert Glorman -

Еееееееее!!! Класс!!!
- Сергей Дарьин -

Alla vill till Sverige, men var ska dom bo ....?????
Varför är dom så många???
Varför är Svenskar ANSVARIGA??
- poffa2 -

1999: What is love?
2000: What is love ?
2010: What is love ?
2020: What is love ?
2030: What is love ? - A plugin! (By then robots are more advance, to superficially fullfill all emotional and sexual needs using AI and advanced robotics) Love will only be there for those who doesn't afford the technology.
- m a -

йоперный театр, куда катится этот мир? Девчёнки в этой подборке выглядят мощнее пацанов. Что дальше?
- Серёга Т -

Brings back memories of old times. Fantastic song yours sincerely Gary
- Gary Smith -

I encourage this dance style, I insist it must be encouraged.
- steven cook -

Vamo ser feliz sem maltratar os outros essa música é top é da minha época ai sim vamos ser feliz mesmo hoje é sabadão saudades dessa música é top é da minha época ai sim hein hein
- Rafael Cardoso -

What dance style is this ?
- LarkinTV -

Dance of the early 90s.. bobby brown
- Arn does -

mas vistas que el original ._.

танцуют круто
- Захар Копать -