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Is there a higher quality version anywhere?
- Hahahahahahaveyouanyhash Pls -

This shit goes so hard on a Saturday morning
- a-6_grindtime -

Real music
- Noel Huerta -

Thanks for uploading this
- Diogo Paciência -

I love you whoever runs this account, eyedea and halo <3
- rooboy1234567890 -

thank you
- michelle stonebraker -

0:00 - 2:16 hidden bridges
2:16 - 5:57 face forward
5:57 - 10:13 burn baby
10:13 - 11:55 from this side of the room
11:55 - 14:43 burbs sticks and bricks
14:43 - 18:16 pot of gold
18:16 - 21:28 psp
21:28 - 25:02 the power of myth
- 4534534 5345345 -

Whooow never heard this before :O
- kev G -

that torrent in the discription is missing a cupple of tracks so you should listen to this even if you already clicked the magnet
- Nai Ettessoc -

power of myth gave me goosebumps man, birth of a fish levels of meaning; symbolic of where he was going. Wish we coulda put some syrup in the cooler together.
- /////////////////// -

god damn spartan youre a hero
- /////////////////// -

they sample the band badass
- ike kissel -

yeah i downloaded the disco too it had this in there it had everything except i thikn facecandy

taday i am eating human meat hamburgers taste so good

Still have this on a dubbed tape... first track I jammed was "Pot Of Gold" and told my friend "I gotta get this..." Greg hooked it up, and I listened to it in my little '90 Ford Tempo for like three months straight.
Haven't had a cassette player in a few years, and I was super stoked to see this on here! Thank You! Gonna start stalking around for Ant's tapes, now. I have a CD of his "Memoirs and Memories" that was a remix of most the stuff off his little mix tapes.
I need a little cassette player to transfer all my tapes to my hard drive. Last one I spent $25 on ate up my Headshots 7 tape... don't want to risk any more of my collection :(.
- Mathew Love -

whats the 1st song called?

Very thankful to see them finally on youtube. R.I.P. Loving these guys forever :)
- MusesMuze -

you can download this album at:
your welcome
- dvaskate11 -

We'll done Spartan (said with a tip of the hat.)
- Aaron Miller -

R.I.P eyedea the  A and B side of the track will roll on
- Ryan Chino -