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Hi, The cat stole the show! : )
- Rocky Balboa -

great im getting longboards hahahaha, excelent video.
- hellbound.drums -

What a cool kitty
- Gregory Stewart -

I have a DW 5002 double pedal from the mid-90's (and hi-hat and remote hi-hat). It has a single chain drive and the Delta I hinge. The hinge does not allow any lateral movement whatsoever. IMHO it's the best hinge DW (or anyone) ever made, better than the current Delta III hinge. Why DW ever stopped making it, I'll never understand.

I also disagree somewhat with your assessment of double chain drive pedals. Nearly every double chain drive pedal I've ever seen has some amount of lateral movement. Two chains reduce the amount somewhat (compared to single chain), but if there is any amount of play in the hinge, and there almost always is, there will be lateral movement in the footboard, even if it's only a fraction of a millimeter (which still isn't as good as my single chain DWs). Even the (older version) Trick pedals I tested had a tiny amount of lateral movement.

I don't know if I agree that double chain drive is inherently smoother and more responsive - it's difficult to say without testing the exact same pedal with both drives. And the fact that it's more mass results in a different feel that I personally dislike.

Personally, I think Jojo Mayer got it right - nylon strap and a fully circular cam. Low mass, low maintenance (don't need to oil, won't ever squeak), and the most even feel from the beginning to the end of a stroke, because the center of gravity of the cam is fixed at its center, not moving back and forth around the shaft.

(I hate the feel of direct drive pedals. The only time I played one I liked was when I tested the PDP BOA at NAMM. But when I tried it again at a store, it felt terrible, and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it to make it feel like the one I played at NAMM, so I gave up on it. Good thing, since it was prone to breaking.)
- jC3drums -

Can you tell me Brother Erce where can I buy the Tama Iron Cat pedals?
- Pertama Trading -

Hellcat pedals. That’s a rare one.
- Pertama Trading -

Which pedal does the cat prefer?
- Robert Savage -

Thanks for these videos! You cover every topic in a thorough, academic manner that is easy to follow and practical. I appreciate it.
- Kelly Starling -

I love how the cat is just flexing on his pedals 😂😂😂
- Fizzy Fran -

Thank you, this video was really helpful as always. So I have a question. I wanna buy either an Iron Cobra or a Speed Cobra. I will mostly be playing extreme metal and wanna reach high speeds, but I also like heavier pedals. What do you suggest I do? Thanks, and I wanna add I really appreciate your videos, great series.
- __ -

A very nice person and a talented drummer. But I can’t understand his English(?).

“Linert camps” I’m guessing : linear cam(?).
“Try puzzles”... I’m guessing : pedals.

Super distracting to decipher instead of immersion into the content. :(
- Anthem Gun Aether -

Instant like for the cat
- betteroffdead79 -

I like belt drives
- Matthew Witherington -

best info about pedals ever saw
- Dimitris dm -

Great video ! Can’t wait for pedal settings !! Maybe pedal settings for each technique and style could be good too ;-) I still can’t find the right settings for iron cobra for heel toe that I’m using to get the notes even and great power :-D

great content. Love
- Onur Tekinalp -

Great video. Thanks from Brazil!
- Ricardo Comerlato -

Sonraki video ne zaman geliyor ? :)
- Göktürk Altıntaş -

Great video Erce !

I have been starting with a gibraltar double chain (way too heavy for me), then switched to a yamaha direct drive (way too weird to switch drives, i never really adapted), then i fell in love with the iron cobra, not as much with the speed cobra i had after, which lacked dynamics and control for my style on medium tempos, and eventually, i'm now testing the strap drive pearl eliminator which really fits my light legs, with the right momentum they still pack a punch :D

and this next tama direct drive seems to have a more "chain" type of swing due to the conception (angle and rotating points of the drive), i'm going to try those asap !

Take care mate :)
- théo begue -

Thanks to this footage i can know conclude that 1 out ot 5 pedals is a cat 😂

Very good video as always! I’m really digging this serie
- Morgane Gautier -