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So you are telling me she can dance, rap and sing in English and Spanish and she is beautiful likeeeeee
- Vale Espiga -

Imma tell my children this used to be Power Rangers
- Kameliius ツ -

yo se ingles i es la mejor musica
- Valery Ramírez -

She installed the missing tooth, 😘😘
- Dee - Lifestyle -

i love becky G.
- Major Davis -

",,far from Hollywood.." but a ton of Makeup. tss.. definitely one of her weaker songs
- Hightech_ 2020 -

Lets gooo MEXICO💥💥💥💥💖💖💖💖💖 I love Becky g
- Kiara Korb -

I like how Becky G be rapping & singing
- Travon Blunt -

Hi, like the green and black outfit
- Alexander fihofeek -

Celulares raiz el Valero color DUI códigos antes llave y ()()()()((((((
- José de Jesús Je I’m y ella no es -

This song reminds me of the movie freedom writers idk y
- Lizet -

Becky g u are so pretty u are on your green light go
- Oghenekome Adaimoni -

- Isac Cabello -

0:52 she say pussy? Lmao
- Lya Costa -

Hey, people out there my name becky g aslo but, she's so beautiful love song 😄😄😄 from Corpus Christi, Texas
- Rebeca Garcia -

Thanks again for your message I appreciate your help on my phone call me me and my brother in law I’ll be calling him again soon thanks
- Tito Figueroa -

I love this song the bass is sweet ❤❤❤keep it up
- cookie monster fpv ali -

This is horrible
- Richard Krishendath -

Rebecca is still beautiful as ever 🥰🥰
- Leomel Whiskey -