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I do prefer mangini, but portnoy was a beast. Respect to both
- reactions 4u -

Melodide bir bütünlük yok belirli armoni kurallarına göre yazılmış, duygusuz senkop yapmak için yazılmış bir takım egzersizler gibi.Bir kereden fazla dinlemeye tahammül edilemez...
- kemal olgu aydoğmuş -

Can someone cover this song? Lmao 😂😂😂
- Igil Chamto -

fuck portnoy
- Augustine Choi -

who's came here in 2020 ?

PS : 11:03 the ending of the music (hell's kitchen) is always make me sad.. i don't know why. it feels just deep.
- Wisnu Bramantyo -

I wish i had portnoy's hands and kitcher's legs and Neil Peart's technique and knowledge RIP
- Kushagra Kishore -

whats happen with 1/4 ?
- Wesley Silitonga -

All I can say is FN SICK !!!!!!
- tony vol -

Look how fluid these guys are together, roll on the LTE reunion.
- Amathusukx -

Sound quality of portnoy's drums is clearer and crisper.
- maleman julpax -

the only requirement to be in dream theater, play fast
- H&SAnimations -

The spitting is not needed.
- DialatedPupils -

There is not about technique and skill
Their play with their SOUL
- 7 Regar -

My god the way the band leads into Yste Jam is fucking incredible
- seanbcee -

Kontolllllllllll tempekkkkkkkk
- Bayu A -

Let’s be real.This is not your 1st time watching this .
- Wong Yet Kang -

- Rodel Toledo -

After watching this, I noticed my heart is beating in 69/420
- Than The Drummer -

Vocal left the grup
- HAGE -

miss those flames :(
- Edith Fernanda -