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Deserved an Emmy
- Queen D.W -

a star is born brought me her i started like her even more now 😘 and searching her appearance
- Ruby heart -

I love u Gaga
- Ricky Ramdhan -

Ughhhh I love her. She’s everything I want to be. Lol
- Brittney Worst -

when she explained roma....MY MIND WAS BLOWN
- Katherine Liu -

She doesn't even look like she is trying!! Lol gosh! What a goddess! ♥️
- Courtney Marsh -

This video should have been twice as long.
- Gwen Walravens -

- mayami -

Born this way #lgbtq+pride
- Gr33N t3a -

I want to marry her
- Ryan N -

She’s so talented, love you Gaga
- Sara Bertek -

Lady gaga shes fantastic,,,,
- Liam Iliffe -

God, what is my problem with woman that curses a lot??! I'm in love.
- Bruno Sá -

This just made me realize how extremely talented she is.
- kaijunkie -

She's the real deal!! Love her. Talent galore
- holls tubing -

I looove her!
- tleesmith781 -

La amo♡
- Yose Natali Figuera -

omg gaga but seriously, SHUT UP JAMES
- Jason Hamilton -

OMGoodness. I love you guys. My fav carpool!!!!
- Theresa Barcelos -

Lady Gaga, may god bless you and keep you safe, you are a treasure to the world! It's not "They who broke the mold" it was YOU who broke the mold when you were born, thank you Lord.
- Sharon Costa -