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- 星くまちゃん -

6:12 Speakers Bout To Blow (feat. Will Brennan)
- Atitude Nacionalista -

Erez Eisen seriously is one of the most underrated creative minds of this century.
- Steven Bramante -

Feels like demented Dead Cells. Anyone else?
- Geek the Scout -

Well i love this
- Jordond aussie -

this song is masterpiece
- Mimka Rules -

Trump est nul arretez de vous exciter c'est pas sa faute il est en haut de l'assos humaine et narcissique c'est triste la polit. c'est de la merde point
- Fatal Error -

L'humiliation au masculin M4NtaxcdsqeG MON T4g FATAL ERROR!
- Fatal Error -

- 2019 2020 -

Best Track On Album 10/10
- Joe Fulcher -

actually amazing art
- Precurse -

Эта песня распилит что угодно, без вашего участия. Просто включите её погромче! ))
- Елена Байнова -

Dim Mak the Jedi death touch
- Bradley Serafin -

It sounds like my laptop BSODing so i shat myself lol
- Khaleb Robertson -

Why is nobody talking about the Animation just looks like Acid wha
- DestiX -

Just experiencing this through headphones for the first time!!!! Why did it take me so long my eardrums are having a stomping rave :) 🤣😊🤣
- Alec Stevenson -

If im not mistaken i may or may not have Pissed the Neighbors off but hey its one way to know if your SUBS are working
- Master1012 -

I can imagine the light show, the drugs, the bouncing ocean of arms and light sticks.
- GrandCastle -

I think they intend for u to take mushrooms before u listen to their songs.
- robert gitau -

This makes me draw weird doodles!
- JSheetz Artwork -