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"Real tube amps sound better than modeling amps" - Mark Tremonti
- Dan A -

What is he talking about when he says “you can have an awesome amp but then it just changes...” He’s an odd duck (the interviewer). Likeable but he makes odd remarks...
- Quikdeth -

6:05 Does PRS guitars company still have those designs?
- RockStar 25 -

Lucky to have played Tremonti's #1 at one of his teaching sessions.
- Art Busch -

I really admire Mike Tremonti, killer guitar player and got down to earth and cool personalty. but after seeing he has dimebag sticker on his guitar I got a whole new level of respect for Mike. you're awesome man and R.I.P Dimebag Darrell
- Tim Rex -

Slahes armpit. Cookie cutter lame rock with the same Slash wah wah wank solo on every song. Buy the new Ted Nugent record if you want real rock and roll.
- Crazy Cooter -

Tune to standard. Stop with the pedals and freaking play. Ted Nugent and Buddy Guy blow these wankers off the stage.
- Crazy Cooter -

I think Myles is the better guitar player. Mark is a pretty one-sided player, whereas Myles can play it all. Very under rated.
- Fred Garvin -

Some guys have very sharp sight and memory. Until I read the comments I won't realize that Seth Morrison of Skillet is standing in the background
- KC Pamei -

Apparently Mark didn't have is twin reverb on this tour.
- Dan A -

Whoa!!!! Easy Mark....don't dump that bar too much, you aint got a locking tremolo system!!!
- Adam Spears -

These guys are the opposite of me
Give me Marshall's plexi modded
El34 tubes and marshall cabs and let's Rock
- Jim Pittman -

He's kinda sloppy. He should pay more attention to his alternate picking. Comes through as kinda sloppy and muddy. Nice guitars, though.
- burnindownthehouse -

0:36 lol "back in 2099" drugs are bad kids. Don't do drugs.
- NefariousPrelude v2.0 -

23:01 - Name that tune -> ALL HOPE IS GONE
- rscotta831 -

myles trynna sound like slash lmao
- Shrey Jaiswal -

Why does he cover neck pu but not the bridge ?
- Rob -

PRS legacy is paved with its love for their artists. The first production single cuts from them came from giving a young guitarist in a big new band a signature. They take features their artists want on their customs and they put them on their production guitars. I love this company.

I own a Mesa Triple rectifier and every one know that amp is the cream of all metal amps! But after ten plus years of gigging with it it was time to find something less weighty. Fast forward to 2019 the new PRS MT15 signature amp is the best lunch box amp in the market and the only one with 6l6 tubes!!! It crushes like nothing I ever hear in such a small package!
- Dysfunctional Mariachi -

For a minute I thought The interviewer was Tom Cruise . Damn it.
- Amirul Ismail -