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Fuck y'all know about watching this on BET Uncut getting hype af to this at 2 in the morning?
- Dunstin Checksin -

We did a song to this and killed it
- Daishaun Daniels -

Oh man, I forgot how much I loved this!
- Samson Peter -

I'm trying to find a Slim Thug song that I'm thinking is 3 Kings but it has an "Eagles, Those Shoes" underbeat. I don't know if it was a "personal" remix or if it was ever recorded that way,
- Karrie Nowell -

Bet Uncut tho... 2004 was a good year
- alfred belford -

- Liko O -

this when tip was tip frfr and on fireπŸ’―πŸ’―
- GaBestRapper -

Slim thug 6 ft 6
- BeeBee Reynolds -

I miss this gangsta era
- BeeBee Reynolds -

//2019 still slide'n
- Prince Lii -

1.25x speed πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
- cray32 -

"Is it the car is the ice is it the grill
Cause imma star that paid the price to keep it trill
She up to par she lookin nice she on da pill
And she got 2 mo wit her ready so tell me how you feel, hol up"....Bun
- J Garner -

150 $ tennis shoes no suits
- Jennie klock -

This before tip of the pusc click tried to slide into cloverland and lost to fliperaci flip gates aka lil flip when shots was fired. Ti was on this to seperate htown kats as you see he tried to do with the botany click when lil 3rd turd wanted his fame for being so called leprechaun and jumped shipped to get on ti dikies. Kats like bun n slim should have held down they own city people more around this time...this is the same album slim thug took shots at lil flip by dissin him in one of the album songs, but it was envy that ti prolly used against him. Niggas forget lil flip put slim thug and all the cats like chamillionaire paul wall and anyone that came after flip down but when it came to flip needing to be held down slim n paul got crab n the basket syndrome and tried to dick ride on ti when they aint realize ti was just using them to wedge position between flip. Luckily in the '19 texas got some wisdom and dont fuck with tip no more even though tip always got something to say bout that texas...guess he like big thangz in his mouf from down south...east coasters smh. Check out that slim thug lil flip 2019 collab called Floating. No more plex in the tex jus successx
- Real Coaches Corner -

When you coming to Myrtle brother? AπŸ‘L
- Party Myrtle -
- Thoney Harris -

πŸ€”Same beat Johnny Gill used for soul of A woman Where do this beat come from somewhere before our time I believe
- Che Com -

2019...still here...✌
- Richie Rich -

Modern-day classic
- Justin Dacke -

this shit still fire in the '19....4real
- scootdawg3535 -